Women's rugby team who caught 50 Cent's eye strip off for final nude calendar – and promise it is their most revealing yet

Wearing just their club socks and boots, the ladies have posed naked on camera for their last ever nude calendar — which they say is their most revealing yet.

The cheeky snaps of Hitchin Ladies Rugby Club have attracted fans from across the world with calendars shipped as far afield as Australia.

Despite their international fan-base the teammates have decided to keep their clothes on for their next fundraising challenge.

Pictures released for this year's calendar are taken at the secluded grounds of a Hertfordshire club and capture the girls training in the nude.

Steamy snaps show the girls passing, tackling and running through sprinklers.

Another image shows the ladies in a nude human pyramid — and another captures a naked player erecting a post protector.

Organiser and inside centre Claire Crompton, 29, revealed that she and her teammates loved the exposure from the photos.

But they agreed that now was the time for them to move on.

She said it started as a bit of fun in 2015 and she never thought it would attract so much attention.

At one point rapper 50 Cent shared the pictures to his 35million Facebook fans.

Pro players from the Southern Hemisphere also re-posted them.

Claire said: "It is a bit sad that this is the last year but it is quite a bit of work and it has been really successful so we want to end on a high.

"Also we have exhausted the options for photos with everything being covered and I didn't want it to become boring and just have us holding rugby balls.

"I hadn't thought about it but this year's is more revealing because we have less inhibitions each year and we are used to being naked around each other.

"I guess we are more relaxed with each other now."

This year the ladies will be raising cash for the club and Target Ovarian Cancer.

Over the course of three years £20,000 has been raised by the girls — with more than 2,000 calendars sold world-wide.

Event worker Claire, from Stevenage, said: "I just want to thank anyone who has supported us, bought a calendar or helped us out.

"We are grateful for the money raised for charity and the club, and hope they enjoyed them too."

The third and final calendars are on sale for £12 and are available from the rugby club shop.

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