Woman slips out of safety harness on fairground ride and is hit by giant pendulum swing as it swings back around

THIS is the moment a woman slipped out of her safety harness on a fairground ride before being hit by the giant swinging pendulum, sending her flying.

The pendulum ride in Jaurez, Mexico, left the unnamed passenger hanging on for dear life as it turned completely upside down.

But as the swing came down again it punted her metres along the ground into the safety barrier.

Staff ran to help her, dodging past the ride which continued to swing back and forth.

Luckily she was able to get to her feet shortly after and returned to safety.

Footage of the shocking moment was captured by an onlooker and posted to the Netnoticas.mx Facebook page yesterday.

The video shows the brightly lit ride with around a dozen passengers at nighttime.

A pendulum swings to increasing heights until it eventually goes upside down, the point at which the woman falls from her harness.

As soon as she falls the ride begins to slow down and comes to a stop about 40 seconds later.

It is unknown whether the woman suffered any injuries or how the fairground authorities are supporting her.

The ride has since been closed to the public.


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Only 10 days ago 28 people were injured when a merry-go-round at a Spanish fairground snapped in half, leaving children trapped.

And last month a girl was thrown from an out of control fairground ride in La Rioja, Spain.

She was slammed head-first into a wall and had to be taken to hospital.

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