Woman reveals shocking moment little girl calls her a 'f****** sl*g' and screams abuse at her family – but 'cops can't act'

The unnamed tot calls her a 'f****** sl*g' and laughs 'Polish c***' as a gaggle of little mates laugh around her in the Halton Moor area of Leeds.

But the woman who is being abused said police are powerless to stop the tiny terrors because they are only kids.

The foul-mouthed girl, who is wearing a flowery top and pink trainers, drops to the floor as she hurls expletives

She talks to the camera person through metal gates, daring her to "take my picture."

Clinging to the railing she shouts: "You'll get f****** hit, you're f****** recording me and he's recording me as well but I don't f****** care.

Do you know the family being abused in the video or the street they are on? Call 0207 782 4368, email [email protected] or Whatsapp 07810 791 502.

"Do you understand? I don't, I don't."

At one point she pretends to break in saying: "I can get in. I can f****** get in."

The her mates, two boys on scooters, appear and start kicking the fence.

Another boy hurls a plastic bottle over the fence, onto grass in the driveway.

The little girl shouts "sl*g" a number of times, as they swarm the residential street.

She tells the woman "this is the f****** worst garden I've ever seen",

In a thick Yorkshire accent, she also can be heard saying "f****** b*****d".

She also addresses the woman filming again saying: "'You keep on f****** videoing me you f****** sl*g."

Posted on social media last weekend, a caption with the woman's video reads:  "Our family has been abused by kids many times, incidents ongoing.

"Police can't do anything as they are just small kids."

Sun Online has contacted West Yorkshire Police for comment.


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