Woman 'buried alive with only her head above ground was eaten by animals and found sitting in the lotus position’

A WOMAN who was “buried alive” with only her head above the ground was ravaged by wild animals and found sitting in the lotus position.

The unnamed victim was left to die a week ago in a forest near St Petersburg, Russia.

According to local media, she was found with gold chains and pendants were found in her pocket and socks.

She is said to have been sitting in an upright position with her legs crossed.

According to reports, there is a high likelihood that the woman was alive when she was dumped into the grave.

It is believed that wounds to her face were inflicted by wild animals or birds after she died.

Gruesome images of the woman’s unrecognisable head were shared by Mash online media, which has close ties to law enforcers.

The disturbing pictures show the woman’s injured face with her long jet black hair attached.

Sources who spoke to Fontanka news agency said the woman, who is believed to be in her 40s may have died as a result of strangulation.

Authorities are currently in the process of establishing an official cause of death.

An investigation has also been launched to determine whether the burial was an act of crime or had any religious or ritualistic meaning.

Some sources say the way she was found was in line with an ancient Russian execution which was carried out on women who murdered their husbands.

Police say a 36-year-old woman who was walking in the forest made the shocking discovery.

She was found in a forest between St Petersburg and the suburb of Yunotolovo, with a population of over 10,000.

The woman was buried 500 metres away from a highway that links the suburb to the city.

An autopsy on the body has been ordered.

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