Winnipeg cops tase meth suspect in taxicab fracas

A Winnipeg man is in custody after a series of events that included an escape from a taxi, a foot chase, and the eventual use of a taser by police to subdue him.

Police said a man and two women entered a taxi near Burrows Avenue and Salter Street Monday afternoon, and demanded the driver take them to various locations throughout the city.

When the driver refused, the man yelled and hit the cab’s protective shield.

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The driver flagged down a passing police vehicle for help, but when the officer approached the cab, the man bolted, dropping $140 in cash and several layers of clothing in the process.

Police found the man in the 400 block of Manitoba Avenue and used a taser to safely arrest him.

Upon searching the suspect, they found and seized 13.4 grams of meth with a street value of around $2,010.

Jason Shawn Miller, 33, has been charged with possessing meth for the purpose of trafficking and was detained in custody.

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