Wife of NYC cop-shooter called mom as bullets flew into home occupied by kids

The wife of the man who shot two Queens cops Tuesday frantically called her mom from the basement as the bullets flew in the home — where the couple’s two kids were inside, too, kin said.

“My daughter was in the basement. She said, ‘Mommy, Mommy, bullets going! Oh, God, oh, God. He trying to shoot me, and he shoot the police,’” Donna Cameron, the mother of Sharon Goppy, tearfully recalled.

Hours earlier, Goppy’s husband, CUNY peace officer Rondell Goppy, opened fire on police amid a domestic dispute, sparking a gun battle that left him dead and the cops seriously injured, authorities said.

“I said, ‘Stay in in the basement, stay in the basement!’ ” Cameron said she told her daughter.

“[Sharon] said, ‘Mommy, you all come quick, you all come quick,’” Cameron said as her eyes welled up with tears.

“When I got the call, I bawl, I bawl,’’ Cameron said. “I said, ‘Stay in the basement! Make sure the door lock, don’t leave.’ ”

Cameron said the couple’s two kids — son Isaiah, who is about 9, and daughter Destiny, who is around 11 — were at home because of remote learning.

But their dad “don’t care, man, he don’t care,’’ the grandma said of the violence and Rondell Goppy. “He doesn’t have respect for the children.’’

Neither Sharon Goppy nor the kids were hurt in the gunfight between Rondell and the officers.

Rondell Guppy was pronounced dead at the scene after the shooting.

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