Who was Ted Bundy, who were the serial killer's victims and why did he revisit his crime scenes?

But how did he evade capture for so long, how did he escape prison twice and why do people still celebrate his execution date?

Who was Ted Bundy?

Born in Burlington, Vermont, in 1946, Ted Bundy was one of the most notorious US serial killers of all time.

Eleanor Louise Cowell gave birth to him at the Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers and he was raised by his grandparents due to the stigma of being a "bastard".

He would later tell attorneys that his grandfather Samuel Cowell was a bully who would beat his wife, torture their dog and swing neighbourhood cats by their tails.

Ted himself displayed deeply disturbing behaviour: His aunt Julia once awoke surrounded by knives and Bundy, three, standing by the bed smiling.

When did he start killing, why did he revisit crime scenes?

The date he started killing is subject to some debate though most agree it was 1974, around the time several women went missing in Seattle and Nearby Oregon.

Locals started telling stories of how the women were being lured into cars by a young, dark-haired man named "Ted" who faked injuries.

Soon after Bundy moved to Utah to attend law school in 1974, people started disappearing from there too.

He was known to revisit some of his crime scenes to sexually violate the corpses of his victims.

How was Bundy arrested and how did he escape custody?

Bundy decapitated at least 12 of his victims and kept some of their heads as mementos of his vile acts.

In 1975, the maniac was arrested for kidnapping Carol DaRonch, one of the few who survived his attacks, and sentenced to up to 15 years behind bars.

Two years later, while acting as his own lawyer after being indicted over the death of a Colorado woman, Bundy jumped out of the jailhouse library window and disappeared.

He was caught eight days later but in December the same year, 1977, he climbed out of a hole in the ceiling of his cell and fled to Florida.

In January 1978, he broke into the Chi Omega sorority at Florida State University and killed his four of among his final victims.

He was convicted of those crimes in July 1979 after bite marks on one of the bodies were found to be his.

Who were Ted Bundy's victims?

Bundy confessed to more than 30 murders across several states in the 70s but experts estimate the real number could exceed 100. Here are some of the victims we know about…


Washington, Oregon

February 1: Lynda Ann Healy (21)

March 12: Donna Gail Manson (19)

April 17: Susan Elaine Rancourt (18)

May 6: Roberta Kathleen Parks (22)

June 1: Brenda Carol Ball (22)

June 11: Georgann Hawkins (18)

July 14: Janice Ann Ott (23)

July 14: Denise Marie Naslund (19)
Utah, Colorado, Idaho

October 2: Nancy Wilcox (16)

October 18: Melissa Anne Smith (17)

October 31: Laura Ann Aime (17)

November 8: Debra Jean Kent (17)


January 12: Caryn Eileen Campbell (23)

March 15: Julie Cunningham (26)

April 6: Denise Lynn Oliverson (25)

May 6: Lynette Dawn Culver (12)

June 28: Susan Curtis (15)



January 15: Margaret Elizabeth Bowman (21)

January 15: Lisa Levy (20)

January 15: Karen Chandler (21)

January 15: Kathy Kleiner (21)

January 15: Cheryl Thomas (21)

February 9: Kimberly Diane Leach (12)

How was Ted Bundy executed and how did people celebrate?

Ted Bundy was executed on January 24, 1989, when he was 42-years-old.

There was a "circus atmosphere" outside the prison, according to journalist Jon Word who witnessed the final moments of dozens of death row killers.

Hundreds of people – including 20 off-duty police officers – sang, danced and set off fireworks in across the street from the prison as the execution was carried out.

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