Which areas are in Tier 3 of the new lockdown system?

BORIS Johnson has set out new coronavirus lockdown restrictions for various parts of the UK.

The new measures depend on tiers of one to three, with three being the highest – here's the areas under the highest tier.

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What are the areas under Tier Three lockdown restrictions?

Areas under Tier Three restrictions are:

Liverpool City Region

  • Liverpool
  • Knowsley
  • Wirral
  • St Helens
  • Sefton
  • Halton

What are the Tier Three restrictions?

Tier Three will see the most serious measures – including a closure of pubs and bars and a ban on overnight stays outside the home.

However, restaurants and "food-based" pubs can remain open and you're allowed to order an alcoholic drink as long as it is with a "substantial meal".

Casinos, bookmakers and gyms are also shut.

Local politicians will decide whether businesses in the personal care, entertainment, sports and leisure should remain open – like beauty salons and sports.

Non-essential shops, schools, colleges and universities can remain open.

Non-essential travel is advised against, as well as travelling outside the area in which the restrictions have been imposed.

The move will come as another blow to the hospitality industry with a 10pm curfew already in place.

When will Tier Three lockdown restrictions come into force?

The measures are expected to come into effect today,Wednesday October 14 and will be debated and voted on in Parliament.

How long will Tier Three lockdown restrictions last?

Restrictions will be reviewed regularly, and will be eased depending on the current data.

The measures will be reviewed every four weeks, but this does not necessarily mean they will be in place for a specific amount of time.

However, back in September it was insinuated some of the restrictions could be in place for six months.


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