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AUSTRALIA is being battered by a huge storm, with torrential rain and eight foot monster waves expected to last through Sunday night.

The country's bureau of meteorology has said that locals on the Western coast should brace themselves for a "once-in-a-decade storm" with a severe weather warning in place.

Where is the Australia storm now?

The storm moved across the northwest of the country through Sunday morning and afternoon.

Western Australia's Bureau of Metereology have told Aussies to "prepare for an unusually widespread severe weather event along the west coast".

They added that "heavy rain and very gusty winds are likely with dangerous surf and storm tides", with gusts of over 100km per hour expected.

The worst of the storm will then move south towards Perth and Albany into Sunday evening and through the night.

A senior official in Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) told the BBC it would be a "once-in-a-decade" storm.

He said: "Normally our storms come from the south west and this will come from the north west."

Severe weather warnings are in place across the region, with locals told to unplug electrical appliances and stay away from windows.

How can I track the storm?

You can keep track of the latest on the storm by visiting the Bureau of Meteorology's website, where they have the latest updates and weather warnings.

The worst of the weather is due to hit Perth later on Sunday evening and Monday morning, and will not ease until Monday afternoon.

How has the storm affected locals?

About 50,000 homes and businesses are without power across Western Australia.

But some surfers have been pictured taking advantage of the huge waves in Perth.

There were reports of damage to buildings, homes, fences, electricity infrastructure and trees across Perth as the storm front moved south.

A Bureau of Meteorology official, James Ashley, said the weather formation was dynamic and complex," as a system from Cyclone Mangga in the southern Indian Ocean interacted with a cold front.

In the Perth metropolitan area, electricity supply to about 37,000 homes and businesses was impacted by the storm. A power company said some households should expect to remain without electricity overnight, particularly in places where it was not safe for crews to repair the network.

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