What happened to Yousef Makki?

STABBED to death at 17-years-old, Yousef Makki was a bright student killed at the hands of his friends.

Yousef's death was ruled as an act of self defence but his family are still seeking justice.

What happened to Yousef Makki?

Yousef Makki was a 17-year-old from Burnage, south Manchester, who had a scholarship to the £12,000-a-year Manchester Grammar School.

During an altercation with two of his friends on March 2, 2019, he was stabbed in the heart and subsequently died.

Initially, it was believed that the attack occurred after a failed robbery of a drug deal.

Later it was claimed that one of the accused boys, Adam Choudhary had organised for men to give the other boy Joshua Molnar, both 17, a revenge beating.

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CCTV footage supports the prevailing theory that Adam and Joshua got into an argument and Yousef stepped in to break up the fight but ended up being stabbed.

Yousef's sister, Jade Akoum, is calling for a second inquest and judicial review into the case as Joshua only served eight months for the death of his friend.

She said: “We just don’t feel believed — nobody in the system is on our side. 

I’m trying to be strong, but he was my brother, and all these details of how he died — I’ll never forgive myself that I couldn’t be there. 

“He died on his own, miles away from where he comes from. And we were thinking he was safe.”

Yousef's mum, Debbie, died less than a year after the loss of her son at the age of 54.

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Jade said her mother's heart had been broken by Yousef's death and "the spark in her eyes had gone."

Before she died Debbie revealed that the police told her not to pursue the case further due to the cost.

In response, Debbie said: “It’s my child – and you don’t give up for your child no matter what it takes.”

What happened to Joshua Molnar?

Joshua Molnar was a friend of Yousef's who also attended the independent school, which his parents paid for tuition.

He came from a wealthy background but became interested in gangster culture and tried to create a bad boy image.

His parents described him as a "normal, typical teenage lad" and a "fabulously creative chef" in an interview with the Sunday Times.

When police arrived at the scene, Joshua told the police he did not know what happened to Yousef.

Later said he acted in self defence when Yousef pulled a knife on him and during an inquest he said he no longer knew who pulled the blade on who.

Their other friend Adam had bought knives online which they carried with them, while smoking some weed on the fateful night.

He also filmed videos of himself with a machete, including one where he made stabbing motions towards another boy.

Joshua told his trial: “If I had a pretty cool knife I would show it off a bit."

Peer pressure reportedly made him feel like he should be carrying a knife for protection and had one in an Armani bag since the age of 15.

Joshua had a QC to represent him for the trial and succeeded in getting bail, which is rare for such an offence.

The jury cleared him of murder and manslaughter on the basis of self defence.

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He was instead sentenced to 16 months in a young offenders institution, of which he only served eight months, for perverting the course of justice and possession of a knife.

Joshua said that he had tried to help Yousef by taking off his top and trying to stem the bleeding.

The other boy involved, Adam, served a four month sentence for possession of a knife.

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