We’re a time travelling couple from 2027 – we even have ‘video proof’ that we are all alone in just four years | The Sun

A 'TIME travelling' couple who claim are in the year 2027 insist they have video proof that they have spent four years alone in the world.

TikToker Javier, who calls himself Lone Survivor and has consistently claimed to be stuck alone in the future has now found another so-called survivor, named Maria.

The woman who claims she is a scientists has posted a series of videos on TikTok under the handle @socmia to explain.

Her bio states: "Time is an illusion. Alone in the world with unicosobreviviente."

In one of her videos, she introduces herself: "Hello, I am Maria. I am part of the same project as Javier ( who you know as unicosobreviviente).

"I appear here because I am still processing everything I have lived and I am trying to find a solution.

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"I still have a lot to understand but I have decided to change the current situation."

In another clip, she adds: "I am a scientist, my strong point is nuclear physics.

"I know Javier and his experiment since the beginning even though he didn't know it at the time.

"And now finally I'm here to help him."

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When asked by other TikTokers how she knows Javier, she simply shares a clip of him sleeping as she can be seen lying down next to him and hugging him.

The pair have shared even more "evidence" that there are no humans left on Earth.

Similar to Javier's videos, they appear to be in completely deserted places with no signs of life.

Javier's bizarre claims began during lockdown in 2020 when he posted videos of the deserted city of Valencia.

He has amassed millions of followers through his wacky clips who often challenge him to prove his claims.

He posted a video of him boarding a helicopter after his followers challenged him to go into an army base in the Spanish city.

Despite many TikTokers accusing him of being a fake, he has repeatedly claimed he is the last person on Earth and has uploaded videos to prove it.

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