Weirdo spends £12,000 on nine life-sized sex dolls he calls his ‘children’ and hosts tea parties for… but insists he’s NOT a pervert

But Yu Zhenguo, 60, insists he’s NOT a pervert, as “it’s just like anyone else’s hobby. Some people love computer games, I love my silicone daughters.”

And any strangers trying to get frisky with his sex dolls when they’re on excursions should be warned:  Yu expects his “children” to be treated with respect.

The businessman told The Paper in China that while taking one of his dolls, named Xiao, out in the street in Guizhou province, “a man walked up and pinched her breast.

“My nineteen-year-old son shouted at him, and accused him of ‘being impolite to my sister’.”

His hobby has been copied by his teenage boy, and between them, the divorced father and son own 11 sex dolls.

However, there’s a line he apparently never crosses.

Yu said he doesn’t take photos of the sex dolls naked.

I am not a pervert, but when I saw my first silicone sex doll on sale in Beijing, she was so pretty I had to have her.

And while he has been cursed in the street for his bizarre lifestyle, he refuses to end his hobby, saying that rumours “cannot defeat me”.

Yu told The Paper: “I am not a pervert, but when I saw my first silicone sex doll on sale in Beijing, she was so pretty… and so perfect that I had to have her, even though she cost 8,000 yuan (£920).”

He named her Xiao Xue, and every year the besotted man throws her a birthday party to mark the day she arrived at his house in southwest China – complete with cake.

Yu described how he took his “daughters” shopping for clothes, musical instruments and on trips to local beauty spots.


Given that there’s nine of them, it’s a costly exercise updating the dolls’ extensive wardrobe, with Yu admitting to spending more than £11,500 so far.

He told Quartz: “Whenever I order custom-made dresses for them, the tailors would think I’m joking because the measurements are far from the normal size of a human.

“Nobody has such big boobs and a small waist.”

Yu posts pictures of his dolls on outings, or various photo shoots, which he then posts online for fellow luxury sex doll owners in China.

His online nickname is Uncle Li, and Quartz reports that some of those following his hobby online have donated their sex dolls to him upon getting married.

The publication says that Taobao, China’s largest shopping website, estimates that it flogs off 1,500 sex dolls daily.

Two years ago, The Sun Online reported on the bizarre story of a Japanese physio who fell in love with his sex doll, which he described as the love of his life.

It even shared his bed under the same roof as his long-suffering wife and teenage daughter in Tokyo, in an unusual arrangement that triggered many rows.

In Paris, a sex doll brothel opened in February last year, for randy punters who prefer romping with plastic instead of real women.


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