Volvo loses control and is launched 20ft into the air

Jaw-dropping moment speeding Volvo loses control and is launched 20ft into the air before crash-landing on its roof

  • Traffic cameras show a white Volvo lose control on a road in Taipei, Taiwan 
  • The car is launched 20 feet into the air and then crashes down and is flattened 
  • Driver, Mr Chaing, 44, was rushed to hospital but later declared dead  

This is the jaw-dropping moment a speeding Volvo is launched into the air and then flattened when it crash lands on its roof against a building across the street.

Traffic cameras on Jianguo South Road in Taipei, Taiwan, show the white Volvo XC60 appearing to lose control while veering across several empty lanes.

The SUV is then launched about 20feet into the air after reportedly hitting the kerb, with the video showing it flying through the air over a pavement.

The car then comes crashing down, hitting the corner of a building just before it lands in a sea of debris with its roof crushed.

Images taken in the aftermath of the crash show the vehicle with a severely flattened roof and debris scattered all over the Taipei City thoroughfare.

The 44-year-old driver Mr Chiang, who was identified by his surname, was found motionless inside the driver’s seat and freed by the Taipei Fire Department.

He was taken to hospital without vital signs and later declared dead following unsuccessful attempts to revive him.

The police say six scooters were damaged during the accident.

A first-floor shop sign was also destroyed as the Volvo flew through the air.

The cause of the accident is still being investigated, with Mr Chiang’s precise cause of death still unknown.

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