Video captures Beirut furniture store blown apart after explosion

Two cameras inside a Beirut furniture store captured the terrifying moment the city was rocked by a massive explosion, which sent a group of people at the business running for their lives amid the devastation.

Naji Fatte, the Lebanese businessman who runs the local branch of the Italian furniture company Natuzzi, told Storyful that none of his workers were hurt in the blast, which killed at least 154 people and injured about 5,000 on Tuesday.

One camera shows several people stepping outside the store to apparently investigate, as a man in a mask points to something in the distance while several women join him.

Seconds later, they run back inside the store right before the blast sends a shockwave that unleashes destruction and a thick cloud of smoke and dust.

The glass front door and window are then seen shattered amid debris strewn on the floor.

The second camera shows the effects of the explosion from another part of the business.

Natucci launched a GoFundMe campaign to support Fatte and his staff, though Fatte said he would prefer if donations would go to the Lebanese people and the organizations Lebanese Red Cross, Impact Lebanon and Offre-Joie.

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