Utah woman daringly shoves bear off of garden wall to save pet dogs

With her bear hands! Crazy moment Utah woman fights off huge bear and pushes it off garden wall to save her dogs

  • A TikTok clip posted online shows a wild black bear, with two cubs in tow, attempting to enter a Utah woman’s walled yard and tussling with her dogs
  • The woman, identified only as cousin Hailey by TikToker bakedlikepie, rushes to her dogs’ rescue in a true fight-or-flight moment
  • In a brave move, the woman pushes the fully grown adult bear off of her yard wall before collecting her pets and ushering them inside 
  • Commenters on the TikTok clip, which garnered 53.2k likes in eight hours, noted that both the mama bear and woman were just protecting their respective fur babies

A Utah woman got the scare of her life after a bear attempted to break into her back yard, but she managed to shove the wild animal off her wall in a move to save her dogs.

In the clip posted Tuesday by TikToker bakedlikepie, a bear is seen walking atop the yard’s wall, with cubs in tow, while a group of pet dogs attempt to fight it off.

The wild animal paws menacingly at one of the dogs while her cubs scamper away, right as a woman, identified only as cousin Hailey in the TikTok caption, rushes to her dogs’ rescue. 

A bear menaces a group of pet dogs in an unlikely standoff in Utah. The animal appears to be protecting her cubs as the pack of pups attempt to scare the mama bear off

The pet dogs attempt to scare off the bear, but to no avail – until the dog’s owner intervenes. 

In a true fight-or-flight moment, the woman daringly approaches the fully grown adult black bear and pushes it off the wall before immediately gathering her pets and going inside.

‘She did not just fight a whole bear bro,’ one TikToker commented on the viral video clip.   

Several TikTok users noted that the bear was likely protecting her two cubs, who immediately flee the scene upon noticing the dogs. 

‘I didn’t see the little cubs in the first video, she was just protecting her babies and so was your cousin,’ a commenter noted.

The bear’s two cubs quickly flee upon seeing the pack of pet dogs, while the mama bear gamely tries to swat at the pups atop a garden wall

The dog’s owner, identified only as ‘cousin Hailey’ by TikToker @bakedlikepie, does the unthinkable and shoves the wild bear off of the garden wall in an effort to protect her dogs. Commenters noted how both the bear and woman were simply trying to protect their respective fur babies

‘Wow! She’s a fierce mama bear protecting her fur babies,’ Lisa Ramirez wrote of the video, which garnered 53.2k likes and nearly 2.2k comments over an eight-hour period.

‘This is why nobody goes to Utah,’ another person noted in the comments.

The wild scene was captured on surveillance video and posted to TikTok on Tuesday, garnering 53.2k likes and nearly 2.2k comments over an eight-hour period. In this still, the Utah woman bravely pushes the adult black bear off of her garden wall in a move to protect her pet dogs

Once the bear was successfully toppled, the woman rounds up her pups, picking up one of the stragglers before running off to the safety of their home

Fellow TikTokers noted how fast the woman was able to jump into action to protect her pets, while commending her for bravery and quick-thinking.

‘Can you please post cousin Hailey’s workout routine?’ a commenter named Lexie quipped. 

‘You are dog mom of the century,’ another TikToker commented. 

‘Kudos to the dog mom, that’s fierce.’ 

The Zion National Park estimates that there are about 4,000 black bears in the state of Utah, ranging from brown to black in color.

While they are not usually aggressive, black bears can attack humans to protect their cubs or when foraging for food, according to the park’s website.  

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