Unstable slope in neighbourhood has high landslide risk, says City of Kelowna

An unstable slope in the Black Mountain area could turn into a landslide, according to the City of Kelowna.

On Thursday, the city announced that council will be asked on Monday to consider imposing a remedial action order to fix the unstable slope below Loseth Road and above Kloppenburg Road. The order would affect two properties.

The city said a geotechnical consultant began studying the slope last summer, soon after possible slope movement was noticed. A comprehensive report with recommendations was completed in January.

2001 Kloppenburg Court in Kelowna’s Black Mountain neighbourhood.

“The study determined the probability of a landslide occurring is very high,” said the city. “Lives and properties at the bottom of the slope are at risk if there is a landslide, and the risk of a slide increases with runoff and groundwater pressure.

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“A Black Mountain Irrigation District pump station at the top of the slope is also at risk, including the water, gas and electric services connected to the pump station.”

The affected properties are 2045 Loseth Rd. and 2001 Kloppenburg Ct.

The city said the geotechnical consultant recommended that remediation work to stabilize the slope should begin as soon as possible to avoid potential damage to municipal property and private properties below the potential slide area.

“The history of what led to this situation is complicated and determining responsibility for the instability will follow, but the immediate concern is to ensure the safety and protection of the residents and infrastructure,” said city development engineering manager James Kay.

The city said the conditions and the safety of the slope being monitored and that if the slope deteriorates, an emergency plan will be put into action. The plan reportedly includes potential evacuation of properties directly impacted and traffic safety measures, including maintaining access in case any roadways are affected.

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