Two arrested after fatal shooting of six people in California home

Terrifying moment two cartel assassins chase down and execute teen mom, 16, and her 10-month-old baby after wiping out her entire family of six – as her chilling 911 call is revealed: ‘They’re coming back in, please hurry’

  • Two gangsters were arrested over the horror shooting of six people in California
  • The suspects were named as Noah David Beard, 25, and Angel ‘Nanu’ Uriarte, 35
  • Six people including a young mother and her 10-month old baby were butchered

This is the horrifying moment a desperate California mom hurled her 10-month-old baby over a fence as gang members closed in on her – before they were both shot dead execution-style.

Two gang members now have been arrested in connection with the brutal cartel massacre, that also killed four other members of her family on January 16.

The arrests were announced Friday by the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, with the suspects named as Noah David Beard, 25, and Angel ‘Nanu’ Uriarte, 35.

Uriarte was reportedly in a gun battle with ATF agents prior to his arrest, and is currently in hospital after being shot.

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux has said both men arrested are members of the Nortenos gang, while two of the Parraz family who were killed were members of their rival Surenos gang.

Heartbreaking CCTV footage shows the moment the gang members begin to walk back towards the home with the mom and her baby inside

Young mom Alyssa Parraz is seen running away from the massacre while holding her baby

The 16-year-old then seen throwing her 10-month-old baby over the property fence as she attempts to flee

After throwing her baby over the fence, then attempts to flee the scene where four of her family members were shot dead

After hurling her baby in a desperate attempt to save his life, Alyssa is seen being hunted down by the gang members

The two men, named as 25-year-old Noah David Beard and 35-year-old Angel ‘Nanu’ Uriarte, killed six in the horrific California shooting

In the heartbreaking footage, the young mother can be heard frantically pleading for help from a 911 dispatcher as the gang members hunt her down. 

‘They’re coming back in. I’m too scared,’ she said as the men turn back towards her family home. 

‘The guys are coming. Please hurry, they’re coming back in.’ 

Alissa is seen fleeing from the home with her 10-month-old baby, who she then hurls over the property fence in a desperate bid to save his life. 

She was tragically found later in a ditch, still cradling her baby Nycholas, near the California home where four of her family members were also killed.

Police rushed to the scene at around 3:30am after multiple shots rang out at the California neighborhood of Goshen, a small farming town roughly 220 miles southeast of San Francisco. 

It was initially believed that there was an active shooter situation unfolding due to the high number of bullets that were fired.  

Deputies arrived seven minutes later after the call came in and reported initially finding two people dead. 

It was later learned that the desperate 911 call came from a surviving victim of the shooting, who had managed to live after hiding in the home. 

After discovering the grisly scene, deputies then found a third victim in the doorway of the property. 

Continued searches led them to find several more victims both inside and outside the family home. 

In all, the execution-style massacre led to the deaths of Eladio Parraz Jr, 52, Marcos Parraz, 19, Jennifer Analla, 49, Rosa Parraz, 72, Alissa Parraz, 16 and Nycholas Parraz, who was just 10 months old.  

Alissa Parraz, 16, was found dead in a ditch, still cradling her baby Nycholas, near the home where four of her family members were also killed

The home is pictured from above where the family were butchered by the gang members last month

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux told reporters that the shootings were targeted. Law officials announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the gunmen

Sheriff Boudreaux said that one of the victims later died in hospital, despite the best efforts of deputies who immediately started CPR on the scene. 

The young mother who was killed has been seen on the heartbreaking footage attempting to flee the massacre with her 10-month-old baby boy when one of the gunmen stood over them and ‘fired rounds into their heads’, California cops have revealed.

Alissa Parraz, 16, was found dead in a ditch, still cradling her baby Nycholas, near the home where four of her family members were also killed. 

At a press conference following the killings, Sheriff Boudreaux said the massacre was a deliberate attack on the family. 

‘None of this was an accident. It was deliberate, intentional and horrific,’ he said.  

‘These people were clearly shot in the head and they were also shot in places where the shooter would know that a quick death would occur,’ said the sheriff. 

‘This is also similar to high-ranking gang affiliation and the style of executions that they commit.’

Authorities had recently conducted a drug-related search warrant on the same home. 

The hunt for the men convened numerous law enforcement agencies, including the ATF, DEA, FBI, Homeland Security, Department of Justice, and the California Department of Corrections. 

Alissa Parraz, 16, was found dead in a ditch, still cradling her baby Nycholas

52-year-old Eladio Parraz Jr, pictured, was killed along with six others in the horror January 16 shooting 

Rosa Parraz, 72, left, and Marcos Parraz, 19, right, are among the victims who have been identified by police

Jennifer Analla, 52 was also killed in what police have described as a ‘horrific massacre’

Two other people survived the attack by hiding in a nearby trailer, as they watched the intruders enter the property on a surveillance camera feed. 

However, the sheriff said that ‘by the time they came on (the feed) it was too late to do anything.’ 

The survivor who was able to avoid the gunmen was said to be ‘in such a state of fear that all he could do was hold the door, hoping he was not the next victim.’ 

Boudreaux previously specified that law enforcement is familiar with the home, a property where gang activity ‘has routinely occurred in the past’. He did not provide any further specifics during the press conference after the attack. 

He added that not all of the victims are drug dealers or gang members, however – including Alissa, Nycholas and 72 year-old Rosa.

There was ‘no reason’ for the shooter to target the young mother and baby, Boudreaux told reporters.

‘I know for a fact this 10-month-old baby was relying on the comfort of his mother,’ he said, ‘There was no reason for them to shoot that baby, but they did.

‘It’s shocking for the nation, shocking to our county, shocking to our state, and I have to tell you I’m receiving phone calls from across the country.’

Two arrests were made after a multiple-agency search for the gang members

The hunt for the men responsible was assisted by resources provided by the ATF, DEA, FBI, Homeland Security, Department of Justice, and the California Department of Corrections

Local reports indicate that one of the men was in a gun battle with ATF agents prior to his arrest, and is currently in hospital after being shot

Earlier this month, cops served a search warrant on the home that led to the arrest of Eladio Parraz Jr., a convicted felon who was killed during the shooting. 

Boudreaux said that Parraz Jr. was not the ‘initial intended target’ but declined to elaborate further.

Parraz Jr., 52, had an extensive criminal record, with offenses including reckless driving to evade arrest, as well as the possession of firearms and drugs.

He was arrested after officers responding to a parole compliance check found ammunition, firearms and methamphetamine in the house, according to court records. Parraz Jr. was released on bail four days later.

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