Tube passengers jump to woman's defence as thug tries to attack her

‘I’ll knock you the f**k out’: Moment Tube passengers jump to woman’s defence after vile thug tries to attack her during on busy Underground train

  • A video shared online shows a man hurling abuse and threats at a young woman
  • Woman appears to engage calmly but incident results in him squaring up to her
  • Male passengers then jump up to help woman and police are now investigating
  • Were you involved in this incident on Friday? Get in touch: [email protected]

This is the shocking moment passengers jumped in to defend a woman being targeted by a vile thug who was threatening to attack her.

In the video which was shared online, the man can be seen hurling abuse at the woman and making threats.

He can be heard shouting: ‘Oh you think you’re going to hide behind the fact you are a woman.

This is the moment a man hurls vile abuse and threats at a young woman onboard a central line tube service in London, threatening to knock her out in front of shocked passengers

‘Come step to me, step to me. I dare you, I f*****g dare you.

‘Oh I’m such a horrible man because I said I’d smack you in your mouth. Don’t f*****g smile.’

The woman, who is smiling, can be heard engaging with the man but it is unclear what she is saying.

The man can then be heard shouting: ‘Don’t taunt me or I’ll knock you the f**k out you c***.

The woman can then be heard responding: ‘If you call me a c*** I’ll call you a c***.’

At this point, the man then charges towards the young woman and squares up to her, backing her against the door of the carriage and a Perspex partition.  

The incident escalates when the man storms towards the young woman and squares up to her

The woman is backed against the side of the tube carriage as the man shouts in her face

It is as he storms towards her that a large number of other passengers jump up to help the woman, getting between her and the man and a scuffle appears to erupt in the carriage.

The video shows the man get knocked to the floor and the emergency alarm sounds before the footage abruptly ends.

 The incident, which happened onboard an eastbound Central Line service on Friday night, is now being investigated by police.

A British Transport Police spokesperson said: ‘We are aware of this video that is being circulated on social media and our officers are looking into it further.

Fellow passengers come to the woman’s aid when the thug squares up to her on the tube

‘We’re asking anyone with further details to text us on 61016 with the reference 681 of 16/10/21.

‘Violence, abuse, intimidation, and harassment against women and girls in any form will not be tolerated.’ 

‘It’s really important that people who witness incidents like this report them to us as quickly as possible so we can investigate as quickly as possible.’

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