Trump Mocked For ‘Smocking Gun’ Typo In New Tweet — See Memes

Not only is there ‘no collusion’ in the Russia investigation, according to President Trump — there’s ‘no smocking gun,’ either. Yep, it’s another embarrassing/hilarious typo for Donald, and he’s being thoroughly mocked for it.

Spot the typo from President Donald Trump‘s December 10 tweets: “Democrats can’t find a Smocking Gun tying the Trump campaign to Russia after James Comey’s testimony. No Smocking Gun…No Collusion.” @FoxNews That’s because there was NO COLLUSION. So now the Dems go to a simple private transaction, wrongly call it a campaign contribution,….which it was not (but even if it was, it is only a CIVIL CASE, like Obama’s – but it was done correctly by a lawyer and there would not even be a fine. Lawyer’s liability if he made a mistake, not me). Cohen just trying to get his sentence reduced. WITCH HUNT!”

That’s right; there’s two! Trump is insistent that there’s no “smocking gun” when it comes to tying him to the investigation into collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. Well, he’s technically not wrong, considering there’s no such thing as a “smocking gun.” Obviously, the president is getting dunked on by voters who are just baffled by his new mistake. Granted, nobody is actually shocked by it; he makes these typos nearly daily. It’s just… this is such a dumb one.

“I remember the old Motley Crue cover of ‘Smocking in the boys’ room,’” @Summerl81738362 tweeted. @emilylime wrote, “smocking gun sequel pitches: smock and mirrors, where there’s smock there’s fire, smocking kills, smock signals, put that in your pipe and smock it, second-hand smock, blowing smock up your ass, smock detectors, holy smocks, smock follows beauty, smock like a chimney.” @harleyb11 joked, “FunFact: Hobby Lobby sells smocking guns for under $10.”

This latest disaster comes a week after he tweeted about some dude named “Scott Free,” instead of using the phrase “scot-free.” He’s not great at this Twitter thing. People immediately mocked him for it, including a man actually named Scott Free, who asked to please be left out of this narrative.

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