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TRAGIC Faye Swetlik's panicked mom reported her missing in a distressing 911 call released by cops today.

Her sobbing mother can heard alerting police on Monday, three days before Faye and a 30-year-old neighbor's remains were found in South Carolina.

The first grader's body was recovered from a wooded area in the Cayce neighborhood of Churchill Heights yesterday.

Her neighbor Coty Scott Taylor was recovered in his home nearby.

In the harrowing recording, Selena Collins can be heard emotionally telling Lexington police she saw her daughter less than an hour ago.

"I need to report a missing child," sobs Collins, revealing she last saw her in the front yard. "We can't find my daughter.

"She was playing outside. I can't find her [inaudible]," Collins said. "She's six. She's going to be seven in June."


As the dispatcher connects her to the police department, Collins describes little Faye's outfit, weight and height.

"I last saw her probably about an hour ago," Collins says, audibly trying to hold back tears during the heartwrenching call on Monday.

"She was right in front of my front porch," Faye's mom told cops, adding she "checked all the houses in my neighborhoood."

"They're out looking for her too," Collins said before it was revealed Taylor was found dead on the same day as her child.

The Springdale Elementary student disappeared after being last seen on Monday playing in her front yard at Londonderry Lane in Cayce, just off Highway 302.

She was right in front of my front porch.

Cayce Department of Public Safety (DPS) officer Kevin Antley said vital evidence was found in Taylor's trash.

He also confirmed their deaths were "linked" at a press briefing this afternoon but declined to elaborate.

Authorities trailed Sanitation trucks to search residents' garbage yesterday, leading investigators to the area where Faye was found.

"It was a critical piece of evidence that would have been listed on her missing persons flyer," the officer said but they declined to say what it was.

On the flyer, they listed Faye's podka dot rain boots, a pink flowered skirt, and a black t-shirt with a neon design and the word "PEACE" written on the front.


Taylor's – who had been interviewed by cops at his home – was found at his home 602 Picadilly Square, directly beside the duplex where Faye lived with her mom.

Her body was recovered in a nearby wood, between her home and the Napa Auto Parts, days after cops searched Taylor's home.

Antley revealed DPS Director Byron Snellgrove was the one who found Faye's lifeless body after returning to the scene.

He declined to reveal the condition of Faye's body but confirmed that she had not been out there for very long.

But Antley assured local residents there was no "active threat" to the Cayce community after the frantic three-day search.


Lexington Coroner Margaret Fisher said the causes of death would be established after the autopsies are conducted on Saturday.

Local police had already spoken to Taylor, who was cooperative, before he was found dead in his apartment.

They are looking to rule out whether there was anyone involved in Faye's death during the "active" investigation.

Authorities are also searching for answers about what Taylor was doing in the lead up to their deaths.

Local cops – assisted by the FBI  – had used helicopters, tracking dogs and conducted door-to-door inquiries to find her.

An Amber Alert wasn't issued because there were no signs of an abduction "at the time," reports say.

Cops and residents alike are reportedly shocked and saddened at the horrific news amid multiple tributes to the little girl.

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