Tired tiger takes nap in bed after escaping floods by running into family home

An exhausted female tiger took a well-deserved nap inside a family home, after escaping heavy flooding that had destroyed its wildlife park home.

She desperately fled the Kaziranga National Park in north-eastern India, as floods took hold.

At least 92 animals from the park have died in recent days, so when she rushed into a family home and flopped on to a bed to sleep, she was left alone.

Home owner Motilal and his family spotted the tiger at around 7.30am and quickly raced outside.

The animal got comfy on a bed, resting its head on a pillow and slept for most of the day.

According to the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), the animal was first spotted next to a road on Thursday morning, just 200 metres away from the national park.

It is thought she was scared of the traffic and sought refuge in the quiet home.

Rathin Barman, who led the rescue operation, spoke to the BBC and said: "She was very exhausted and had a nice day-long nap.

"The great thing was that nobody disturbed her so she could rest. There's a lot of respect for wildlife in this region."

The trust hatched a plan to allow the animal to leave the house again safely.

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