Tiny home’s alleged theft leaves woman with big problem

Residents of Saint Louis, Mo., are on the lookout for a runaway house after a woman claimed her two-year senior thesis project was stolen.

Webster University student Meghan Panu says she has sunk nearly $27,000 and two years of her time into building a tiny home. It’s been parked in front of Refab on Michigan Avenue in South City after a business owner offered space.

The cedar home measures 3.66 metres high by 6 metres long — or 12 by 20 feet — according to The Wichita Eagle. Panu still has some interior work to complete and planned on moving in “full-time” in the Spring.

But that all came crashing down Saturday morning when she received a phone call from Refab staff.

“He asked if I had moved the tiny house overnight and when I said no, he had the unfortunate news that they hadn’t, and it was likely taken,” Panu told NBC.

Panu turned to social media in an effort to track down her would-be future abode.

“Surely somebody is going to see this thing and call in and report it,” Panu posted.

The St. Louis native has since received multiple tips — including one indicating the home was spotted heading toward California.

Anyone with information has been asked to contact the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

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