Tier 3 Manchester lockdown restrictions: What you can and can’t do from Friday explained

MANCHESTER will move into Tier 3 of coronavirus lockdown restrictions from the early hours of Friday morning.

Talks collapsed between Boris Johnson and Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham – meaning the city has been forced into the toughest lockdown restriction.

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The Prime Minister announced that Manchester will now join Lancashire and the Liverpool City Region in the "very high alert" lockdown bracket.

Tier 3 has the most serious and strict measures – including a closure of pubs and bars and a ban on overnight stays outside the home.

However, restaurants and "food-based" pubs in Manchester can remain open and you're allowed to order an alcoholic drink as long as it is with a "substantial meal".

Casinos, bookmakers, bingo halls, gaming centres, and soft play areas are now to be shut under Tier 3 restrictions.

People living in Manchester now won't be able to mix between households indoors, and travel in and out of the area should be avoided.

Non-essential shops, schools, colleges and universities can remain open in the area.

You can still travel to venues which are open – for work or to access education – but you should and aim to reduce the number of journeys you make.

University students are not allowed to move back and forth between their permanent home and student home during term time while Manchester is in the toughest lockdown bracket.


  • Meet with people outside of your household in groups no more than six in outdoor spaces such as parks, beaches, countryside, forests.
  • If you can't work from home, then you can go to your place of work.
  • Non-essential shops, schools, colleges and universities can remain open in the area.
  • You can still travel to venues which are open, for work, or to access education – but you should and aim to reduce the number of journeys you make.
  • You can attend places of worship for a service.
  • Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies are restricted to 15 people – but wedding receptions are banned.
  • You can still take part in organised outdoor sport and physical activity.



  • Casinos, betting shops, bingo halls, gaming centres and soft play centres will be shut.
  • Businesses like pubs and restaurants that do remain open have to close at 10pm.
  • Office workers who can work effectively from home should do so.
  • You can't order an alcoholic drink in a pub unless it's accompanied with a "substantial meal".
  • You are banned from socialising in a group of more than six in an outdoor public space such as a park or beach, the countryside, a public garden or a sports venue.
  • Travel outside of the area should be avoided.
  • Overnight stays outside of your household are banned.

This comes after Mayor Andy Burnham initially rejected the government's decision to place Manchester under Tier 3 restrictions.

Earlier this week, Boris Johnson told a No10 press conference: “I urge the Mayor to reconsider and engage constructively.

“I cannot stress enough – time is of the essence.

“Each day that passes before action is taken means more people will go to hospital, more people will end up in intensive care, and tragically more people will die."

Andy Burnham was given a deadline of midday today to accept the tougher lockdown restrictions – but with no agreement made, the Prime Minister has now had to force the region into lockdown.

Manchester Council leaders demanded £75m in extra cash help as they ramped up the rhetoric against No10's efforts to force them into lockdown.

It's understood Downing Street was willing to offer Manchester £60 million – but Mr Burnham wouldn't budge below £65 million.

The Government is required to review measures every four weeks and they could be extended for longer.

Earlier today, Mr Burnham finally admitted he would accept the higher lockdown – despite case numbers falling in parts of the city.

The Mayor said he would ask people to obey the law if he was ordered into the next set of restrictions.

This is despite the latest figures showing Manchester, Trafford and Stockport showing a decline in their weekly figures – down 17 per cent, six per cent and six per cent for the week ending October 15.

Other parts of the area – with a total of 2.8million people – have seen rising cases, however.

Rochdale has seen a sharp 17 per cent rise, followed by Wigan with 13 per cent in the last week.

Manchester's overall rate is down from 583 cases per 100,000 at the peak, to around 353 yesterday.

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