Three cute dogs recreate photographs on their owners' phone

Copy dogs! Trio of hounds strike adorable poses as they recreate photos taken on their owner’s phone

  • Mojo, Rana and Mateo live with their owners Vanessa and Rafael in Germany
  • The three dogs are featured in a popular blog on the benefits of dog ownership
  • The blog shows the family and their two pets getting up to different adventures 

Three clever dogs have become internet sensations after footage showed them apparently looking at old photographs on their owner’s phone and then recreating the poses. 

The footage has so far amassed more than 1.5 million likes and almost 10 million views. 

The dogs – Mojo, Rana and Mateo – from Cologne, Germany, strike the adorable poses for their owners Vanessa and Rafael, who blog about their daily lives with their pets. 

They write about travelling and living with three dogs, as well as offering training tips and advice, although some viewers of the footage were sceptical about the dogs’ abilities.  

Brindle lurcher Mojo and miniature Pinscher Rana strike a pose for their owners. The dogs feature on a popular blog written by their trainers Vanessa and Rafael, who live in Cologne

During the 50-second video, a photo of the dogs on a phone screen is shown to camera and then turned towards the dogs so they can see it.

The dogs look at the screen and then adopt a similar pose – hugging and resting their paws and heads against each other. 

The pets have more than 75,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok.  

According to the owners’ blog, written by Vanessa: ‘The two-legged friends – Rafael and I – have Portuguese roots. We were born and raised in Germany. Living in Germany, going to school in Germany, studying in Germany and so on. 

‘Mojo comes from Germany and has already been passed around twice until it finally found its forever home with us. Rana, who was born in Portugal, has the southern temperament in her blood, which her mistress also brings with her. 

‘Our frugal and good-mood dog Mateo rounds off the family perfectly.’ 

Mateo, who was rescued in Crete, has a paw missing and the blog features entries about having a disabled dog.

It also features a section on ‘free-shaping’ which advocates letting the dogs teach themselves tricks using treats and positive reinforcement. 

Viewers expressed amazement at the ‘copycat’ tricks, trying to figure out how they were achieved. 

One said: ‘How is this possible? Very smart dogs’

Another added: ‘My heart. This is soooo damn cuteeee’

Mojo, right, Rana, left, and tripod Mateo, centre, have been posing for their owners Vanessa and Rafael

Meanwhile, one wrote: ‘OMG so cute dogs’

However, some viewers suggested the footage was played on rewind to make it look like the dogs recreated the photos when in fact the photos had been taken afterwards.

One wrote: ‘I played it 5x and I think t’was edited lol’

Another added: ‘Rewind Effect guyssss, sorry im strict’ to which the owner of the video disagreed, writing: ‘Don’t want to hurt your feeling but you’re wrong lol.’

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