Thief blows himself up at Russian ATM

Thief blows himself up as he plants explosives on a cash machine in Russia

  •  37-year-old robber tried to hack the Sberbank ATM in Russian city Cherepovets
  •  The thief’s homemade bomb exploded as he attached it and he died instantly  
  •  The blast was so powerful that a nearby door was thrown 35 feet down the road 

A bungling thief killed himself as he planted powerful explosives to rip open a cash machine.

A CCTV camera caught the 37-year-old robber in a jacket with a hood as he tried to hack the Sberbank ATM in Russian city Cherepovets.

The screen suddenly goes blank when his homemade bomb explodes.

The robber can be seen reaching into his bag as he prepares to set off the bomb that later killed him. He died on the spot when the bomb hit him rather than the cash machine he was cracking

This is the moment the screen goes a bright orange colour after the robber sets off his improvised explosive in an attempt to rip open the cash machine 

He hoped the bomb would open the ATM but it went in his direction and he died on the spot from the blast. It was so strong that it blew a door 35 feet towards the road 

Images of the damage show the casing used to protect ATM users from the elements completely blown off of its hinges and the metal pannelling outside warped from the blast

Police confirmed the incident and said the unidentified man had been killed on the spot as the force of the blast struck him, not the cash machine.

Russian detectives are searching for an accomplice who escaped.

No money was missing from the cash machine.

No money was missing from the machine when investigators attended but they are looking for an accomplice to the dead robber who they believe escaped

A door, pictured, was launched 35 feet after the explosion which killed the criminal on the spot during the act

Investigators at the scene of the incident in the Russian city of Cherepovets which is north of Moscow

Tatyana, a resident of the building said: ‘There was a very strong explosion and the sound of breaking glass afterwards.

‘Of course, I was scared, and children screamed.’

She said it felt as if the building was collapsing.

The blast was so powerful a metal door was thrown 35ft.


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