These outrageously rude Christmas cards will spice up your festive season

Some cards use swear words while others play on popular culture and feature twists and puns on traditional Christmas phrases.

High Street chain Scribbler has dozens of sweary cards with slogans including 'Merry Christmas Mother F******!' and 'ho ho holy s*** I'm hungover'.

One from the chain, which has 33 outlets, shows a festive bauble with the expletive 'w***er' on it while another shows a hand with the middle finger up.

Others repeatedly use the word 'ho' while another one simply reads 'Merry Christmas, times are hard, here's your f***ing Christmas card'.

A sexually explicit one says 'When I think about you I touch my elf' alongside an image of a finger stroking a Christmas elf.

Willy Ferrell

Winter W*****land

Jinglebells, decibels…


Santa L Jackson

With every Christmas card I write

Turkeys Voting For Christmas

Finger Claus

Messiah Complex

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