Terrifying moment chainsaw-wielding men covered in blood and tattoos terrorise Toronto beachgoers

THIS is the terrifying moment two chainsaw-wielding men covered in blood menace beachgoers in Toronto.

Shocking video shows the two tattooed menrevving their weapons as they approach a group of people in Cherry Beach.

Toronto police said the two men were involved in a fight before returning to the scene armed with the chainsaws at 10am on Sunday.

Video shows the two shirtless men standing at one end of the beach and shouting towards a group – with one saying "you're f***ed".

The chainsaws can be heard ticking over as the two continue to yell before they rev the blades and start to approach.

One man can heard yelling "who hit me, who the f*** hit me" as he pulls the cord on his chainsaw.

It becomes clear both of them are covered in blood and tattoos as they march towards the camera.

The men then walk towards the nearby Toronto Windsurfing Club where a group of people were having a lesson.

Another video shows the two men being arrested by police with their chainsaws discarded on the ground.

Officers can be seen pointing their tasers at the two men and ordering them lie on their stomachs.

The two men then put their hands on their heads before lying flat on the ground – with one man shouting "look at our f***ing heads".

Both of the chainsaw maniacs are then handcuffed and one officer asking the crowd "did anyone see what happened?".

The two men then approach a group learning to windsurfCredit: Facebook

Witnesses said there had been some kind of altercation about twenty minutes earlier before the men returned with the chainsaws.

One jogger claimed she saw the two men with chainsaws when she was running in Cherry Street.

She said she hid in some nearby woods, before then noticing the men were menacing towards her with their weapons.

The jogger then fled the scene and call 911.

Another witness said it was "scary as f***" and like something out "out of a "f***ing movie".

Meanwhile, another added they saw the two men with chainsaws "charging people".

Constable David Hopkinson told CTV: "Two individuals became involved in some kind of a fight or altercation.

"They actually left that scene, and then returned sometime later with the chainsaw."

Constable Caroline de Kloet added the two men were involved in a fight with a large group of other people and "suffered injures".

Police confirmed "weapons" had been seized but did not immediately release the identities of the two men or the charges.

Mayor John Tory said the authorities will be monitoring events on Cherry Beach after an increase in gatherings despite the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: "We will redouble our efforts to monitor those.

"We want to, on one hand, make sure that people are kept safe and that these kind of scary incidents don’t happen but on the other hand, that people are allowed to live their lives and to enjoy themselves without an oppressive, enforcement presence.

"Clearly an incident like this would cause us to want to keep a careful eye on both these gatherings themselves because the gatherings, beyond certain numbers and at certain times, are regulated at this moment in time and also ones that scare or otherwise disturb people, we want to keep an eye on as well."

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