Terrifying FBI video resurfaces after Texas shooting

‘We shouldn’t have to live like this’: Chilling FBI ‘run, hide, fight’ video advising how to survive an active shooter attack resurfaces after Texas mall massacre – as nation passes 200 mass shootings this year

  • Video shows horrified actors fleeing gunman to ominous background music 
  • Chilling moment shows gunman’s shadow approach the door of group’s hideout
  • The clip has gone viral in the wake of the Texas mall massacre that killed eight 

A terrifying FBI video that dramatically explains how to respond in the event of a mass shooting has gone viral following the Texas mall massacre last weekend.

The four and a half minute ‘Run. Hide. Fight.’ clip depicts horrified actors fleeing a gunman at a bar as haunting music plays in the background.

It starts with a man and a woman on a date before shouting and gunshots can be heard in the distance.

Frightened customers run for cover, before the video focuses on a group who barricade themselves in a room and arm themselves with bottles as the shadow of the gunman approaches the door.

The clip sparked despair on social media, with one Twitter user saying: ‘We shouldn’t have to live like this.’

The clip shows actors play panicked customers scrambling for safety as a gunman opens fire

A group fails to find a safe exit and barricade themselves in a room as the shooter approaches

Another wrote: ‘I just had a panic attack watching this, I don’t wish this on my worst enemy.’

Dominik said: ‘So we are learning to defend against an attacker and teaching battlefield first aid and not choosing to outlaw weapons of war owned by civilians.’

Others said they had become used to such content. 

Scott Meier wrote: ‘I’m very surprised at how many people are finding this shocking. Lockdown drills and Run-Hide-Fight training has been done in schools for 20+ years. This is all common knowledge to teachers and students. #LifeInAmerica.’

The video, first released by the FBI in September 2020, was tweeted by Democratic strategist Adam Parkhomenko on Twitter on Tuesday and has since garnered 113,000 views.

The advice it provides is well-known and the clip begins with a woman telling viewers to run as the first port of call, saying: ‘Running makes you harder to hit…and improves your chances of survival.’

But it takes a chilling turn when it shows a customer who says they are ‘in the direct line of fire if I head for either exit’.

One man, who looks petrified as he cowers behind a table top, tells the camera: ‘Both of my exits are blocked by the shooter. I gotta stay hidden. I’m no victim. I’m ready for this.’

The footsteps of the gunman can then be heard approaching their hideout and their plan turns to its last resort: fight.

The clip sparked despair on social media, with one Twitter user saying: ‘We shouldn’t have to live like this’

The group arm themselves with fire extinguishers and bottles as the gunman approaches

The clip ends with the aftermath of the shooting with some in tears and others taken injured

The clip, first released by the FBI in  2020, has resurfaced in the wake of the Texas massacre

Its advice to ‘Run. Hide. Fight.’ will be familiar, but the chilling video was still shocking to some

It tells viewers to find a good hiding place if there is no escape route and barricade the door 

As a last resort, people are advised to fight the gunman using ‘teamwork and surprise’ 

Arming themselves with bottles, fire extinguishers and whatever else they can find, the seemingly helpless victims are seen bracing themselves for their fate as one man instructs the group: ‘We have to fight to survive. If we control the weapon, we control the shooter. I’ll go for the gun, he’ll go for his arms, the bartender will go for the head.’

The clip then fades out to sounds of a struggle, a gunshot and a bullet casing land on the floor before an officer calls out: ‘Where is he?’

The tension is lifted as a voice responds: ‘We got him! Right here!’

The narrator then says: ‘You can survive a mass shooting. If you’re prepared.’

Mauricio Garcia, 33, shot dead eight people with an AR-15 rifle at Allen Premium Outlets near Dallas, Texas, on Saturday, before he was killed by police.

It was the 199th mass shooting so far this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive, putting the US on course for an annual record.

The Archive defines a mass shooting as an event where at least four people are shot or injured, not including the gunman.

At the time of writing, a further nine mass shootings had occurred since the Texas massacre, raising the total tally to 208. 

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