Tennessee man arrested and charged with murder after trying to sell car with girlfriend’s dead body inside

A man allegedly strangled his girlfriend to death and then attempted to sell off her car ― with her dead body inside.

In a statement, Nashville police officials said that Robert Miquel Johnson, 31, was facing criminal homicide charges following an investigation that began on May 2 when the body of Pamela Paz, 44, was found in a parking area underneath an overpass in Nashville.

Robert Miquel Johnson (nashville.gov/)

Detectives in the case managed to find a witness who said that Johnson attempted to sell the victim’s Dodge Charger while the corpse was in the back seat.

During his questioning, Johnson gave investigators false information about his whereabouts at the time of the killing, according to investigators.

“He was interviewed and provided an alibi, which was subsequently proven to be false,” the police statement read.

Johnson is currently in custody in neighboring Wilson County, but will be extradited to Nashville in the “near future.”

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