Teen couple who claimed they were so poor they had to eat dry toast 'lied about pregnancy to get handouts from kind strangers'

Lizzie Mason, who said she was four weeks’ pregnant, and boyfriend Jaedyn Overbury, told how they were left with no money from their £230-a-month benefits after paying out for rent, public transport, phone top-ups and cheap grub.

The teen couple, who moved into a house share in Erdington in Birmingham four months ago from a YMCA homeless shelter, said they struggled to make ends meet after Jaedyn was signed off sick from his job stacking shelves.

Their story gained national attention and strangers provided them with a fridge full of bacon, fruit, eggs, milk, butter and cheese.

However a source has now told the Metro the couple faked their pregnancy to get handouts.

Just hours after the story broke Lizzie went onto a sperm donor Facebook group asking for someone to come forward by February 25.

She wrote: “We are looking for a donor with brown or blue eyes, brown or blonde hair.

“My partner is transgender so we are unable to conceive naturally.

“My peak ovulation is on the 25th of this month and looking for an available, trustful genuine donor that is gonna help us make our dream of becoming parents happen.”

A number of men came forward with offers to help but Lizzie’s Facebook account then disappeared.


She first denied posting the message on Sunday but later backtracked and told the Metro it was “for siblings in the future.”

The source told the paper: "I think it is wrong if she is deceiving the public like this saying she is pregnant, to receive handouts and looking to get pregnant by random men before she is caught out.’

Speaking to the Sun Online today Jaedyn insisted it was “false” to claim they were faking a pregnancy.

He said: “Saying that it was all for free handouts is completely false as we didn't even ask anyone for anything, we asked where the nearest food bank was because we were new to the area and didn't know where it was.

“She is pregnant and anyone stating otherwise is putting out false information.”

He added: “She is pregnant and we are getting a scan done at the most available time we can and I think it’s horrid people could even begin to think that we would lie about pregnancy.

"When you go through donors you want to spend time getting to know them and knowing if they're right for you which is why we still are involved with donors in case of any complications in pregnancy or for future siblings."

In their initial appeal on the Erdington community Facebook group Jaedyn wrote on February 10: “My missus ins pregnant and I don’t want her to go without anything to eat for the next month, possibly month. We are really struggling with finding something to eat.”

Kind-hearted strangers then provided the teen couple with food.

The couple struggled when Jaedyn was signed off sick from his job stacking shelves at ASDA with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

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