Taylor Swift sues Long Island man claiming she stole company name for her app

They’ve got bad blood.

Pop star Taylor Swift has filed suit against a Long Island man who claimed she stole his company name for her gaming app “The Swift Life” — and she’s accusing him of fraud.

The songstress is demanding that a Brooklyn federal court judge cancel small business owner Patrick Benot’s “Swiftlife” trademark, per the newly-filed lawsuit. She also wants Benot, who runs a computer company in Wantagh, to pay her legal fees.

On top of that, she’s demanding his suit against her be dismissed.

While Benot’s suit, filed in July 2018, blasts the singer for not checking to see if “Swiftlife” was already trademarked, Swift’s lawyers say it doesn’t matter if it was.

Benot complained that he was caused “endless grief,” when his one-man company was contacted by app users looking for help with Swift’s game.

Swift and her lawyers “admit that they do not have a license from Plaintiff, [ and] deny that it is necessary or legally required that they do so,” the document reads.

The papers also accuse Benot of lying about his trademark, which he claims is registered under “Swiftlife.” But the celeb’s lawyers say it’s actually registered under the name “S.L. Swiftlife Computer Services.”

The counter-suit additionally accuses Benot of not contacting her before he filed his lawsuit, which is against the law.

Benot did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Swift’s suit comes after a judge declined to dismiss Benot’s lawsuit, as her gaming app is expected to shut down this month.

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