Tasers ineffective in subduing man in Saskatoon

Saskatoon police said three officers unsuccessfully fired their Tasers five times in an effort to subdue a man after a disturbance at the brief detox unit (BDU) at the Lighthouse.


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Officers said they were bringing an intoxicated man to the BDU early Monday morning when they were approached by staff who said a resident was causing problems and needed to be placed in the unit.

Police said the man was unco-operative with officers and then threatened to poke them with a dirty needle.

The first Taser was fired when the man made a lunging motion towards officers, according to police, but it had little effect on him.

Officers fired four more times, but police said all discharges were ineffective due to the baggy clothes the man was wearing and the small size of the room.

Police said the three officers were eventually able to physically control the man and place him in handcuffs.

He was taken to hospital for treatment and assessment of an unknown drug consumption.

The 41-year-old man is facing a number of charges including assaulting a police officers and assault with a weapon.

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