Swing states Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida may decide who wins 2020 election

SWING states including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida may decide who wins the 2020 election.

As millions of Americans cast their votes on election day, the toss-up states could mean victory for candidates Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

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National polls have largely shown Biden leading in most battleground states by varying margins, and claiming victory in the presidential election.

One polling group, however, showed Trump claiming victory in six swing states.

"Swing states" are considered toss-ups, and could be won by either political party candidate.

The candidates are fighting for a majority 270 of the 538 Electoral College votes, to determine the next president.


Although Georgia has long voted Republican in presidential elections, a recent population change with an influx of younger voters could flip the state to vote Democrat.

Biden has appealed to voters as he and Vice President nominee Kamala Harris stopped in the state in the past week, in a move to secure the 16 electoral college votes.

Trump claimed victory in 2016 by around 5percent – but the tally is expected to be narrow this time as Biden holds support from women and black voters, CBS reports.


With 15 electoral votes, North Carolina is also considered a key state to watch out for.

Biden and Trump's campaigns have both visited in recent weeks in a move to win over voters.

Trump claimed victory in the state by nearly three per cent in 2016 – but polls have shown Biden with a two per cent lead in the 2020 race, CBS reports.


Long-time a Republican state, Arizona is considered a toss-up in the 2020 election.

With 11 electoral votes, the state could be a game-changing boost for the candidate who claims the votes.

Trump claimed a roughly five per cent lead in 2016 – but Biden may win favor with the majority of voters.

One recent poll from CBS showed Biden with a 51 per cent lead over Trump at 46 per cent, with a 6 point margin of error.


As the polls begin to close on Tuesday, states will begin counting ballots.

It's possible a winner may not be clear tonight, however.

Due to widespread mail-in voting amid the coronavirus pandemic, some states have allowed additional days for mail-in ballots to be counted.

This extension means it could be a matter of days – or weeks – until final results are in from all the states.

A majority of polls show Biden claiming victory – but one recent poll group showed Trump leading in the key swing states.

Only the final results will reveal the clear winner of the 2020 election, and who will be inaugurated come January 20, 2021.

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