Student sex tape apparently filmed in school hallway rocks community

Charges may be filed after a sex tape filmed in a Massachusetts high school hallway made the rounds among the student body, according to officials.

Police said they received a video Monday of two students caught on camera engaging in sex acts at Lawrence High School after class was dismissed, the Eagle Tribune reported.

The X-rated video appeared to have been taped in August and featured two students in a “boyfriend and girlfriend type situation,” according to authorities Tuesday.

Three months later, the sex tape went viral around the school campus and on social media, but police don’t have any answers to who was behind its circulation.

“Who sent it to who is really the story here,” Lawrence Police Chief Roy Vasque told the Eagle Tribune.

Police said they identified the students filmed, but haven’t released their names because they’re minors.

Potential charges could be handed down to not only “the participants but for anyone who may have disseminated the video,” according to Vasque. Those charges could include distributing child pornography and open and gross lewdness and lascivious behavior.

“School discipline will be involved and there’s potential for criminal charges for these two and others involved,” Vasque said.

School officials responded to the sex tape Tuesday night in a statement.

“We became aware today of content posted online of a pair of students engaged in sexual activity on the high school campus,” a spokesperson said, according to the Eagle Tribune. “While at this time it appears to have taken place earlier this fall following an after-school extracurricular event, an investigation is ongoing.”

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