Stan Lee’s ‘Into The Spider-Verse’ Cameo Moves Fans After His Recent Death

It is the first cameo fans have seen since the Marvel titan passed away earlier this year.

Marvel movie fans know that every time they release a new film, one thing is certain: there will be a cameo featuring Marvel creator and comics titan, Stan Lee. And even though Lee passed away earlier this year, his legacy onscreen continues to live on, as reported by CNET.

Lee had recorded numerous cameos for upcoming Marvel films before his passing, including the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed animated feature, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The movie, which is a dramatic departure from Marvel’s traditional live-action affairs, features a spectacular look at a universe populated with not one Spider-Man, but many spider superheroes — and Lee shows up in a touching cameo.

The film, which follows the superhero origins of Miles Morales, a young man who takes up the mantle of Spider-Man, features Lee in a small but pivotal role. According to the film’s creators, it was important that the man who invented Spider-Man be a part of the plot of the movie.

“In the beginning, we wanted to give him a real place in the movie and not just a moment — something that was exciting and could honor his legacy and also be funny at the same time,” producer Chris Miller said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had some strong reactions to seeing the beloved pop culture icon return to the screen less than a month after he passed away at the age of 95. Fans both celebrated his legacy and continuing contribution to the world of comics, while mourning the loos of a legend.

Patrick O’Keefe, art director for Into the Spider-Verse used Twitter as an opportunity to share the scene of Lee’s cameo, posting an image of the shop where Lee’s character works from the critically acclaimed film.

“Stan Lee’s Costume shop,” he tweeted. “This one was extra special.”

Some fans called this cameo the best one yet — and that’s saying a lot, as Stan Lee appeared in every single live-action Marvel movie so far, not to mention many of the games.

“This is now one of my favorite Stan Lee cameo[s],” wrote one fan. “I loved the tribute they gave at the end of the movie.”

“#Spiderman into the #SpiderVerse was perfect in so many ways but that Stan Lee cameo wrecked me,” tweeted cartoonist Kyle Rose. I’m sure it’s a total coincidence, but his dialogue created a metacommentary I wasn’t ready for. Such a touching tribute.”

Overall, fans were won over by the sweet tribute in what seems to be a spectacular cinematic appearance for Spider-Man. Lee will continue to live on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, both through his beloved characters and a final few cameos.

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