Spike Lee says Trump ‘could spark a CIVIL WAR by not leaving the White House’ if he’s beaten by Joe Biden

SPIKE Lee said President Trump "could spark a CIVIL WAR by not leaving the White House" if he’s beaten by Joe Biden in the November election.

The director's comments came in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Friday.

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Lee dubbed the "hate" he said that is spread by Donald Trump is "heartbreaking" – and expressed his fears if the President does not exit the White House for Democratic candidate Biden.

"We have so much hate in the world – specifically the United States of America," Lee said.

Lee spoke about the recent shooting of Jacob Blake, and how "black and brown people" and "black and brown trans people are being shot down like animals."

"This guy in the White House, and what he's done, and what this just, level of hate, Anderson, it's heartbreaking," Lee told Cooper.

Lee added that he "prays to God" that Trump is "out" of the White House on November 3rd.

"I think you talked about this, too. I have — I think there’s going to be shenanigans, some skulduggery that if he loses, particularly in a close vote, he might not want to leave,” Lee said.

“Anderson, are we coming to a civil war? Lee asked.

"The next civil war in the United States of America. I ask you that question.”

Lee admitted he "can't have a restful sleep" because "black and brown people being burdened, shot down,for no other reason because of their skin.

The the BlacKkKlansman director's comments came after the final day ofthe Republican National Convention – and just a week after Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Trump would "investigate ballots" before accepting the result of the November election.

"The President has always said he’ll see what happens and make a determination in the aftermath," McEnany said as she was questioned by reporters about Trump's unsupported claims that mail-in voting will cause fraud.

"It’s the same thing he said last November."

"He wants a free election, a fair election, and he wants confidence in the results of the election, particularly when you have state like Nevada doing mass mail-out voting to their voting rolls," McEnany added.

Lee previously compared the Confederate Flag to swastikas, and said Confederate statues must also be taken down during an interview with Luminary's Black List podcast.

“That flag, to me, [makes me feel] the same way my Jewish brothers and sisters feel about the swastika,” Lee said, according to Variety.

“And them motherf**king Confederate statues need to come the f**k down.”

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