Speeding motorist ‘Okanagan Bob’ caught again: Vernon RCMP

A motorist known as “Okanagan Bob” was caught speeding again, and Vernon RCMP are wondering if this ‘driving bad boy’ will ever change his lead-footed ways.

Okanagan Bob came to the public’s attention two years ago after he posted several videos of himself driving at high speeds in the valley. Police expressed displeasure at the time, citing his dangerous driving habits. Since then, police say they have received numerous complaints from the public about his “dangerous and aggressive driving,” including “excessive speeding, tailgating, cutting people off and passing when unsafe.”


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Police say they know who Okanagan Bob is, and fear that his driving habits will “eventually result in a catastrophic fatal collision involving innocent people.” Since March, police said they have initiated four investigations regarding him.

This month, Vernon RCMP say they stopped Okanagan Bob on Dec. 6 for excessive speeding on Highway 97. Travelling south from Vernon, a police officer reportedly paced a Dodge truck before pulling it over in Lake Country. The driver was issued a ticket and the truck was impounded for seven days.

Okanagan Bob was also served with a vehicle inspection notice. Further, the officer reportedly submitted a request that Okanagan Bob’s driver’s licence undergo a lengthy prohibition.

“This kind of aggressive driving behaviour not only endangers innocent motorists, but it is completely unacceptable,” said Cpl. Mike Halskov of B.C. RCMP Traffic Services. “The actions of this driver could easily result in a catastrophic fatal collision. Police in no way condone this type of driving and encourage people to obey the rules of the road — for everyone’s safety. The officer is unwavering in his resolve to utilize all legal means possible to remove this driver from the road.”

Police say if you encounter an aggressive or dangerous driver, do not respond by taking action that could escalate the situation. Stay calm and, if you can, gather information, including dashboard camera video, and contact police from a safe location.

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