Small cafe offers one cup of coffee for $1,500

Cafe sells single cup of coffee for $1,500 as its owner swears customers are brought to tears by the taste

  • Penrith cafe offering a $1500 cup of exotic coffee 
  • The beans get flown in from Panama 

A cafe has raised eyebrows after offering a single cup of coffee for $1,500.

The Brew Lab Cafe in Penrith, western Sydney, has turned heads after selling the coffee for a staggering amount.

The venue has justified the price revealing how difficult it is just to make one cup.

A customer will need to order the coffee two weeks in advance so the beans can be flown from Panama to Australia.

The coffee beans are grown and roasted on the side of a volcano in Silla De Pando, which is close to the border of Panama and Costa Rica, at 1,700m above sea level. 

The Brew Lab Cafe, in Western Sydney’s Penrith, (pictured) is offering a cup of $1500 cup of coffee from Panama

While the single cup costs about the same as a year’s budget of one coffee a day, the price tag comes with a unique experience you won’t get at any ordinary cafe.

Brew Lab Cafe’s owner and barista Mitch Johnson revealed the unique taste of the coffee. 

‘Most people when they drink it say their first impression is that it’s more like a tea than a coffee,’ he told 9News.

‘This is definitely the top of the peak that we’ve found in beans.’

The coffee holds a grade of over 90 with the Specialty Coffee Association, making it one of the most highly rated in the world. 

Any coffee that receives a rating over 80 from qualified graders is considered specialty.

Any brew that rates above 90 receives an exceptionally rare ‘outstanding’ grade.

‘It’s an exceptional coffee, the kind of coffee that makes people cry,’ Mr Johnson told the Daily Telegraph.

‘I know that sounds crazy but it’s happened, it’s brought them to tears.’ 

So far only two customers have ordered the coffee.

They had to wait a little bit longer than the two weeks as the barista goes through a specific brewing process.

The coffee is served as a pour-over and not through an espresso machine, meaning the barista must pre-dampen the coffee filter and use water heated to exactly 94C.

The water is then gently poured over the coffee at precise time intervals as to not ruin the tast.

Only after this lengthy process is the coffee then passed onto the customer.

Only two customers have ordered the coffee, while most describe it ‘more like a tea than a coffee’ according to Brew Lab’s owner and barista, Mitch Johnson

10g of the Batch #22324 coffee beans (pictured) will put a buyer back about $400AU, while a standard 1kg bag will cost about $18,000AU

While the $1,500 cup might keep some customers away, the cafe often takes orders for coffee that cost over $100.

‘We do get quite a few coming in once a week to try our $100 or $200 coffees,’ Mr Johnson said.

‘It’s not rare for us at all; there is an underground coffee scene in Sydney that is actively pursuing exotic brews such as this.’

The coffee beans, called Batch #22324, will set back a customer just under $400 for a vial of just 10g.

A standard kilogram bag of beans will cost about $18,000.

Coffee bran Ninety Plus Coffee describes it as possibly the ‘best coffee we have produced’ while its founder Joseph Brodsky said it was the best he had ever tasted. 

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