Sideline spat in Raiders-Cowboys leads to two ejections and a ref with bloodied chin

There wasn't a lot of holiday cheer for the Las Vegas Raiders or Dallas Cowboys early in the third quarter on Thursday. Two players got an early start on their Thanksgiving dinners. 

On a punt early in the second half, one that went out of bounds, two special teamers played well past the whistle. Kelvin Joseph of the Cowboys and Roderic Teemer of the Raiders were locked up and refused to let go. They found themselves far out of bounds and still battling. That caused players from both teams to rush the sideline and intervene. 

Cowboys' Kelvin Joseph and Raiders' Roderic Teamer ejected after

— Justin (@hobokenjustin) November 25, 2021

Joseph and Teemer were both ejected. The one who might have gotten the worst of the fight was side judge Tom Hill. Hill came out of the scrum with a bloody chin. He got a band-aid and stayed in the game. It's not easy to break up a fight between multiple players who are all wearing pads and helmets. 

You won't see a ton of fights spill over into the sideline of an NFL game. It gave a little extra spice to the second Thanksgiving game. 

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