Shocking dash-cam footage shows moment boy gets run over over

NEAR MISS: Dash-cam footage shows moment boy gets run over over, narrowly misses another car, and emerges on other side of the road unscathed

  • Car hits boy who rolls over the hood of the vehicle into the path of a second car 
  • The Audi – which doesn’t stop – dodges the boy rolling across the road
  • Boy was assisted by the learner driver, a medical student, as ambulance arrived 

A child miraculously escaped with only minor injuries after running in front of a learner driver and being hit and sent flying into the path of another car in Nottingham.

Shocking dash-cam footage captured yesterday afternoon shows the moment the learner driver’s car hits the young boy, who had suddenly run out across a set of traffic lights, which were green for vehicles.

In the clip, the learner driver approaches the crossing with others, who wait. All of a sudden, the boy darts across the road, leaving no time for the learner driver and the driving instructor to brake.

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The car hits the boy who rolls over the hood of the vehicle before cartwheeling onto the next lane, dangerously into the path of an overtaking black Audi.

The Audi – which doesn’t stop – dodges the boy rolling across the road. The boy is able to spring back to his feet seemingly unharmed.

‘I was guiding the learner driver back to finish up her lesson,’ said the driving instructor. ‘We were running a little behind time, heading back along Western Boulevard at 3.30pm we were less than a few minutes from parking up when this happened.

The young boy runs completely into the path of the oncoming learner driver

The car has no time to stop and it hits the young boy sending him flying onto the next lane

‘A family approached the crossing when their child runs from behind them, hidden behind a tree from us. Before we know it he is in the road, the brakes are on hard and … silence. 

‘The few seconds it took for this to happen felt like a lifetime as the child rolled over the front of my car and back into the road, narrowly avoided by a black Audi overtaking us,” he added.

The learner driver ‘not even close to the 40mph speed limit,’ the instructor said.

The impact of the car hurls the boy into the air up side down, before he lands several feet away

‘Thankfully, an ambulance was not far behind us and was quick to assist the child, who had suffered apparently very little injury from this. Within minutes another ambulance and a fast response medic were on scene helping the child.’

‘The most amazing part of this story though, for me, is the learner driver I was teaching. Being a medical student herself, she was in her element with the paramedics, tending to the child while he was prepped for the ambulance and taken away to be checked over.

‘The incident has been referred to the police also, who just happened to be passing by within a few minutes of this happening too. It seems like everything was in this little guy’s favour when this happened, and to my knowledge, he won’t have much recovering to do this weekend.’

The hooded boy lands on the next lane over and is almost hit by a second vehicle


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