Seagulls attack a deadly bald eagle after it grabs one of the flock

Fighting for their friend: Seagulls attack a deadly bald eagle which has swooped and grabbed one in its talons… but their bravery is in vain as it then feasts on its victim

  • Incredible photos show the dramatic moment a flock of seagulls attempts to save one of their own from death 
  • Photographer David Canales, 33, snapped them while bird watching at Prince William Sound in Alaska, US
  • The eagle can be seen swooping on the unsuspecting gull before flying off to a nearby rock to feast on it 

This is the remarkable moment a brave seagull swoops on a deadly bald eagle and pecks at its back in a bid to save its friend from the predator’s death grip. 

Photographer David Canales captured the incredible sky battle while bird watching in the Prince William Sound in Alaska, USA.

The 33-year-old was amazed when the brazen eagle descended on a flock of gulls and plucked one from the air, with around ten of the white birds pursuing the bird of prey. 

Mr Canales, of Kingsville in South Texas, USA, said: ‘All of a sudden this eagle attacks and landed on this seagull, which caused quite a stir among the other birds. 

‘It all occurred so fast, I didn’t know the scale of how dramatic the chase was until I looked through the photos hours later.

‘I was also surprised that the eagle was able to carry the seagull with ease as the seagull isn’t much smaller than the eagle.

‘The eagle was outnumbered by hundreds of seagulls to one, yet it was able to land in the middle of all these birds and just snatch one and fly off with it.’

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One of the seagulls was pictured pecking at the eagle’s feathers on its neck as it grabbed another bird which nibbled at its talons to try and break free

Several other birds piled in to try and free their stricken friend but the eagle’s talons proved too strong and it quickly flew away from the rabble

The seagull eventually capitulated and its friends realized there was no hope of saving their fellow bird as the eagle sped away

Despite being clenched in the eagle’s powerful talons the captured seagull still attempted to break free by nibbling on its toes

The eagle found a rocky outcrop and began to feast on the seagull with many of the other birds still pestering it from a safe distance

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