Schoolgirl, 11, writhes in agony after hand gel explodes in her face burning her eyeball – The Sun

A MUM is warning of the hidden dangers of hand sanitiser after a bottle left in a hot car exploded and burned her daughter's EYEBALL.

Alex Chadwick was on her way to collect a prescription from the pharmacy with her 11-year-old daughter last Friday when the accident occurred.

After getting into their car Alex's daughter Olivia-Layla went to use the hand santiser gel which had been in the car for over four weeks in the blazing sunshine.

When Olivia-Layla flipped the cap on the Enliven hand gel seconds into the journey the bottle "exploded" – showering her left eye in a hot jet of antibacterial gel.

First aid instructor Alex, 37, immediately abandoned her car in the road and raced Olivia-Layla home to run clean water on her eye and rinse away the product.

Alex, from Baxenden, Lancashire, said: "As she flipped the cap on the hand gel it exploded in her eye and she started screaming hysterically.

"I abandoned the car – left the keys, my phone, everything, in the car – and as we ran inside I shouted for my husband to come and help."

The entire incident was caught on camera – with distressing footage showing the schoolgirl writhing around in agony and lashing out as dad Steven Chadwick, 40, gently holds her down and Alex rinses her eye out with water.

After thoroughly rinsing Olivia-Layla's eye, Alex took her to Rochdale Medical Centre where specialists examined her eye.

Olivia-Layla said: "When it happened it was almost like when you get shampoo in your eye but five times worse.

"When we came inside I put my head over the sink and Mum was washing it out. It felt like it was burning, like it was on fire."


  • Put on protective gloves if they’re available. Hold the casualty’s eye under gently running water for at least 20 minutes and make sure the outside and inside of the eyelid is washed.
  • If the casualty’s eye is shut due to pain, gently but firmly open it so it can be washed out.
  • Make sure the contaminated water does not splash the uninjured eye, you or the casualty.
  • Ask the casualty to hold a clean non-fluffy pad over the injured eye and bandage in place.
  • Call 999 or 112. If you know what chemicals might have been involved in the accident, pass this information on to the medical professionals.

At the local medical centre, an eye specialist checked the PH levels of her eye and put drops in to test whether there was any damage.

They confirmed there was some superficial damage to her eye but said it should heal over time.

Alex, who is also a medic at Accrington Stanley, is sharing the footage to highlight the potential dangers of using hand gels that have been stored in hot environments and how to treat chemical burns.

Mum-of-one Alex said that she had "no issues" with the Enliven hand gel and conceded the problem was it being left in a hot car.
An Enliven spokesman said it is important to ensure the product is stored below 40 degrees celsius in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

An Enliven spokesman said: "We are sorry to hear that Olivia-Layla got some of our product in her eye.

"We would like to emphasise the advice and warnings that feature on the back of every pack; it is important to ensure that the product is stored below 40 degrees Celsius in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

"We strongly caution against contact with eyes and if the product does get into the eyes they should be rinsed thoroughly with tepid water. ”

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