Russian girl pretends to be dead under bodies after shooting spree

A 16-year-old Russian girl pretended to be dead as she hid under bloody corpses after a computer game fanatic went on a shooting rampage at a party he hosted, according to a report.

Maria Kosintseva survived the bloodbath uninjured as Dmitry Zakharov, 34, stalked his apartment in Yekaterinburg, where he slaughtered Polina Bardina, 18, Oleg Bregnev, 36, and Anton Anisimov, 32, East2West News reported.

The girl’s 17-year-old friend Viktoria Paustovskaya suffered abdominal gunshot wounds and crawled from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Kosintseva and Paustovskaya pleaded for help in harrowing social media messages as they hunkered down for four hours before being rescued by police, who broke down the door after Zakharov killed himself, according to the news outlet.

“I pretended to be dead and was afraid to get out from under the bodies,” Kosintseva said, East2West News reported.

The three girls agreed to join the three men on a social media “party group” because they were “bored of hanging out with boys of our own age,” she said, adding that they were not sexually harassed before the massacre.

“The young women were hanging out in the area of Raduga Park shopping mall on the fateful night,” said police spokesman Col. Valery Gorelykh, according to East2West.

“They met the men via the Internet. They picked them up in a car, after which the group left for Dmitry’s flat,” he added.

At one point, Zakharov, a security guard and divorced father of one, grabbed his Saiga rifle and opened fire as he yelled, “Let’s play!”

“He shot at me, but Anton fell down and covered me,” Kosintseva told East2West. “Then he went to the kitchen, and I heard two shots, hitting Viktoria and Oleg.”

Kosintseva said she took cover under the bodies of Bardina and Anisimov, whose cell phone she used to sign into her social media account.

“I told my friends to call the police and ambulance. Viktoria did the same, that is how I knew she was alive … but I didn’t dare try and reach her to help,” she said.

Meanwhile, Paustovskaya left a hushed voicemail in which she provided the address.

“I’m losing consciousness. I know only that I’m alive. I’m… it looks like I’m already dying,” she said in the message. “I’m lying here … I feel that I’m losing [consciousness].”

The wounded girl also told her friends to warn first responders that the attacker was armed and dangerous.

Polina Bardina, 18, victimParty murderViktoria, 17, victimParty murder

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