Roy Green: Justin Trudeau asked us to ‘stay angry’ about the Omar Khadr case — and why I will

Omar Khadr. There was no question we would again hear from the self-confessed war criminal issued the infamous $10.5-million cheque by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Khadr was in court this week requesting changes to his bail conditions in order to travel and visit his Al Qaeda-supporting sister Zaynab. More about that in a moment.

First, though, a reminder about the $10.5-million payment to Khadr.

Trudeau wanted us to believe his heart wasn’t in the massive out-of-court settlement. “I want you to stay angry,” he bellowed.

No worries, prime minister. I will.

I’ll stay angry because you had neither the moral high ground nor an acceptable reason for concluding the lawsuit.

I’ll stay angry because during one of your town hall meetings with everyday Canadians, this one in Sackville, N.S., a woman asked, “Why do you think it’s OK to give $10.5 million to a person that killed a soldier?” and your response was, “We have to stand up for everyone’s rights, whether you agree with them or not.”

I’ll stay angry because you insisted your decision may have forestalled “a $40-million payout at the end of the day.”  A view based on what? Omar Khadr’s suit demanded $20 million from Canada.

Besides, your Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale disclosed Khadr’s action had already cost the federal government some $5 million in legal fees.

I’ll stay angry and am growing increasingly angry, prime minister, because Canadian Armed Forces Capt. Kimberly Fawcett hasn’t entered even the margins of your prime minsterial radar, it would appear.

Capt. Fawcett’s claim of $34,000 to reimburse the expense for a prosthetic leg is being denied by Canada’s military. The Captain, in uniform and about to drop off her son at his grandparents’ home, with the approval of her commanding officer, was involved in a horrific automobile crash which stole her baby’s life and terribly injured Capt. Fawcett.

“They bent over backward to be nice to Omar Khadr,” Capt. Fawcett said. “To do the right thing even though it wasn’t popular, and then I kinda think … well, I didn’t murder anybody. I didn’t go against my country. I simply served, so why am I being singled out?”

You can point to the Department of National Defence, but that would be weak. Make the call from the PMO personally. It will respond to a nudge from a sitting PM.

Take care of this awful situation, reminiscent of a Veterans Affairs Canada letter arriving at the home of Thomas MacEachern in Calgary in January 2014.

MacEachern was instructed he was to repay $561.67 from the December 2013 disability cheque sent to his wife Cpl. Leona MacEachern, a 23-year CAF veteran who, suffering with PTSD, committed suicide on Christmas Day 2013.

The $561.67 represented the Dec. 26-31 prorated amount of Cpl McEachern’s disability cheque. The letter to Tom MacEachern expressed “sincere sympathy to you and your family at this time,” then added he would be contacted by the “Overpayment Unit in the near future.”

That was not under your watch, prime minister. However, Veterans Affairs did rescind the repayment demand when the case became public knowledge. Show similar concern for Capt. Fawcett.

I will definitely stay angry over this situation.

Now, as far as Omar Khadr’s appeal to change his bail conditions is concerned, what I’m about to include here is not related to his court appearance. It’s just something I haven’t forgotten and which requires clarification.

I tweeted this earlier in the week that Omar Khadr wants to his sister, Zaynab who was married to Joshua Boyle. Trudeau met Boyle in his office in 2006, though he says he has “no memories” of that meeting.

Boyle’s trial is scheduled for late March next year.

Loose ends. Everywhere.

Roy Green is the host of the Roy Green Show on the Global News Radio network.

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