Revellers hit the streets of Newcastle and Leeds in fancy dress

Easter Fun-Day! Revellers hit the streets of Newcastle and Leeds in fancy dress outfits on bank holiday weekend booze-up (and at least they won’t be going to work with sore heads in the morning)

  • Revellers were pictured in Newcastle and Leeds, England, on Easter Sunday
  • Groups of friends were seen looking enthusiastic, worn out and well-rested  


Revellers wore fancy dress last night as they partied on the streets of Newcastle and Leeds.

Large groups of friends let their hair down as they went on booze-ups across the country on Easter Sunday.

They made the most of the bank holiday weekend, with most likely to be glad they’re not working in the morning. 


A shoulder to cry on: A woman comforts her friend after an Easter Sunday day out in Leeds

The day of rest: Two friends take a breather on a bench in Leeds’s city centre on Easter Sunday

Resurrected: Two friends enthusiastically pose for the camera on a night out in Newcastle

Bunny-looking: A man and woman grin for the camera while eating in Newcastle 

Fancy dress: Four friends look surprised outside a nightclub in Newcastle this weekend

Hallelujah: Two women reach for the sky on a night out in Newcastle this weekend

Love thy neighbour: A man carries a woman on his back in Newcastle on Easter Sunday

Remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy: A woman sits on a man in Newcastle on Sunday

They rested on the seventh day from all the work done: a woman sits on a bench in Leeds

Disciples: A group of friends pose in fancy dress outside a bar in Leeds on Easter Sunday

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