Raccoon that attacked 3 in Westchester tests positive for rabies

A raccoon that attacked three people in Westchester has tested positive for rabies, according to authorities.

“#RABIES ALERT,” the Westchester County Department of Health warned on social media as it confirmed it “has been confirmed rabid” and anyone bitten needed to be assessed “for lifesaving treatment.”

Health officials also started making robocalls in the Port Chester area on Wednesday to warn of the potentially deadly interactions of the beast that was finally killed on Sunday.

It is known to have attacked three people — an 84-year-old woman and two men, aged 75 and 34 — before the father of its final victim killed it with a shovel, the department said.

All three are receiving preventive rabies treatment.

Victim Frank Maida, 75, said he was gardening when he heard a “squeal” behind him.

“I turned around, and it was this raccoon,” he told ABC 7, showing off nasty wounds on his left leg.

“He started going for me, and I said, ‘Get away from me. Get away from me.’ So he dug his claws right here into the side of my leg. And then he started biting me.

“I kept kicking him. He wouldn’t leave me alone.”

He said he needed shots on both arms as well as “eight or nine shots in my leg” — and still needs to go back to a hospital for at least three more shots.

Health Commissioner Sherlita Amler warned residents to “stay alert and closely supervise children and pets when outside.”

“If you see an animal that is acting aggressively, stay away from it and contact local police immediately,” Amler said in a statement.

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