Putin squirms as his last ally Lukashenko rants about tens of thousands fleeing Russia over certain-death war draft | The Sun

VLADIMIR Putin was today forced to endure a bizarre lecture on people fleeing his rule from fellow dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

The Kremlin dictator looked hunched and uncomfortable, saying little amid the chaos as Russians protest his mobilisation edict while hundreds of thousands of others seek to escape abroad to avoid being drafted. 

Lukashenko told Putin he was confident Russia would winCredit: East2West

Vote-rigger Lukashenko – who needed Putin’s help to crush democracy in Belarus in 2020 – offered words of homespun advice.

Lukashenko today assured the Kremlin leader he would win – despite the growing unrest over his mobilisation.

“Our course is right, our cause is right,” he told Putin, causing the Russian warmonger to smile. 

“We will win. We have no other choice.”


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‘We, as Slavs, would not tolerate humiliation,” Lukashenko told him.

The Belarus leader told Putin not to worry that people are fleeing his rule. 

“Let's say 30,000 or 50,000 [people] run away,” said the Minsk tyrant whose brutal and thuggish KGB overturned a democratic victory for a pro-Western opposition.

“But if they stay, would they be our people?

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“Let them run away.

“I don't know what you think about it, but I wasn't worried too much in 2020 when people left [Belarus after protests over his vote-rigging].

“They [later] ask to let them in.

“So these ones will also come back.

“But there's a decision needed: what to do with them? 

“Let them come back or stay there?”

The meeting was in Putin’s favourite seaside retreat Sochi, even though the Kremlin leader is believed to have been holed up recently in his northern palace in the forests around Valdai. 

Lukashenko’s official plane was seen flying to Sochi on Sunday. 

Recent reports alleged Putin had pre-recorded meetings with various officials to give the appearance he was working when in fact he was “resting”.

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Unusually, the Kremlin did not pre-announce the Lukashenko session which was revealed by the Belarus side before being confirmed by Putin’s officials. 

 One theory is that Putin swiftly summoned one of his only friends – Lukashenko – to show he was not cowering after the furious reaction from many Russians to his mobilisation drive. 

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