Pub offers 50p meals to families struggling with the cost of living

Pub landlord offers 50p meals of spaghetti Bolognese, bangers and mash and chicken curry to local punters after hearing heart-breaking stories of families struggling to survive cost-of-living crisis

  • Chris Jones, 32, pub owner in Llwynypia, South Wales, is offering cut-price food
  • After hearing about local people’s cost-of-living struggles, he decided to act 
  • Ivor Hael Hotel is offering people with food bank vouchers meals for under £1 
  • The menu includes spaghetti bolognese, bangers and mash and shepherd’s pie

A pub landlord is offering meals for just 50p to help families in the cost of living crisis.

Chris Jones, 32, is serving cut-price meals after hearing heart-breaking stories from regular punters at his pub struggling to pay their utility bills and see their friends at the local.

Chris admitted the pub called the Ivor Hael Hotel in Llwynypia, South Wales, is just about breaking even – and is having to fork out more than ever for their own bills.

He said: ‘We are managing to get back to normal now after Covid and we can pay staff wages and keep the lights on, so we’re in a position where we can help people in the area.

‘Last week one of the regulars came into the pub and they began explaining to one of the staff how they were really struggling.

Chris Jones, 32, a pub landlord in Llwynypia, South Wales, is offering meals for prices as low as 50p to help out regular punters struggling with the cost-of-living crisis

The Ivor Hael Hotel in Llwynypia, South Wales, is offering people with vouchers from the local food bank heavily discounted meals

‘We gave them some free food and began talking about it. 

‘More and more people have come in saying similar things. 

‘We could never commit to doing it for free but we knew we wanted to do something that could make a difference.’

Chris is offering spaghetti bolognese, bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie, sausage casserole and chicken curry from 50p to 80p for those with a voucher from the local food bank.

He said they would be served frozen for people to take home with them.

‘It was the least we could do,’ Chris said. 

‘I saw something the other day about a friend’s electricity bill going from £90 a month to £300. 

‘I see it on Facebook all the time.

On the menu for prices under a £1 is spaghetti bolognese, bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie, sausage casserole and chicken curry

‘I know one woman who is literally selling her clothes to pay for her kids to eat. 

‘It’s crazy.

‘We shouldn’t forget that we couldn’t do this unless we were busy too. The fact that our customers have always supported us and we’re busy makes it possible for us to do things like this.’

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