Princess Diana's humorous side revealed in card auction

Princess Diana’s cheeky side revealed in humorous sexual innuendo greeting cards she sent to the King of Greece – which are expected to sell for up to £5,000 at auction

  • The cards are up for sale at the Dominic Winter Auctioneers auction house
  • Buyers are expected to pay between £3,000 and £5,000 

Princess Diana’s humorous side has been revealed as two cheeky adult cards that she sent to the King of Greece have been put up for sale.

Both feature sexually suggestive cartoons printed on the front with messages written by the Princess of Wales inside. 

The cards are being sold at the Dominic Winter Auctioneers auction house and are expected to sell for up to £5,000.

One of them has a cartoon of a naked man leaning on a tree with the message inside reading ‘Adam came first…’ followed by ‘…Men always do!’

The second shows a naked woman on the front with the caption, ‘What’s the definition of the Perfect Man?’ followed by the answer: ‘A midget with a 10” tongue who can breathe through his ears!’

Both front covers feature raunchy cartoons with messages written inside from Diana

The second card has an additional message written by Diana that reads: ‘I couldn’t decide which card to send & then thought you’d enjoy both!’

The recipient of the risqué cards was Constantine II – the last King of Greece.

Constantine II was first cousin once removed from the late Prince Philip, both men being decedents from King George I of Greece.

Both Prince Phillip and Princess Diana were godparents to Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark (born 1986), the youngest son of Constantine II and Anne-Marie of Denmark.

Both of the cards include messages from Diana in black ink that reads: ‘Dearest Tino, fondest love as always, from Diana’ and ‘Dearest Tino, lots of love from Diana.’

Pictured: Princess Diana with Constantine II and  King Juan Carlos of Spain aboard King Carlos’ yacht ‘Fortuna’ on summer holiday on August 15, 1990 in Majorca, Spain

The listing for the cards reads: ‘The reason for sending these cards, other than as a bit of fun, is unclear as the cards do not celebrate a birthday, Christmas or christening.

‘Diana must have seen these cards and thought of Tino before buying and sending them, possibly inspired by a conversation they had had at some social gathering.’

The cards are being sold amongst a number of other pieces of royal memorabilia at the auction house. 

Other pieces on sale include a remarkable, undocumented autograph manuscript of Queen Victoria and King Juan Carlos I of Spain’s alarm clock. 

The cards are expected to sell for an estimated £3,000-£5,000.

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