Polish PM says citizens should come HOME after Brexit

Mateusz Morawiecki said today after a joint press conference with Theresa May that he wanted Poles to come back to their home country to help their "blooming economy".

His comments came just after Mrs May had urged Poles to stay in the country after we leave, insisting they are more than welcome here.

Mr Morawiecki said: "We are happy that they have found a new home.

"However as our economy is blooming we’d like our citizens to consider returning to Poland, although we respect everyone’s personal choices."

Around one million Polish citizens live and work in the EU at the moment, but not everyone will be able to come here after we leave and new immigration rules kick in.

After talks with Mrs May this afternoon he said the Brexit deal on the table was the "best deal possible" and would be beneficial for both sides.

It comes just hours after he blasted "harsh" Jean Claude Juncker for ridiculing Theresa May and derailing Brexit.

Mr Morawiecki lashed out at his colleagues in the EU such as Mr Juncker, who sparked a huge row last week for calling the PM "nebulous".

He gave Mrs May support for getting her deal passed, but will warn the EU has to buck its ideas up.

And he said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph: "Sadly, the Brexit case has brought to light rather unfortunate behaviour.

"Strong statements and harsh words of some politicians in Brussels do not help, but hinder our common goal in achieving the most desirable outcome for all."

The Polish PM added in support for Mrs May: "Stakes are high, opinions vary, and so emotions run strong. But there is no doubt that Mrs May represents the British nation and that must be recognised by all."

PM reveals new unit to tackle Russian fake news

The PM thanked her Polish counterpart for the support after the Salisbury spy attack in March this year.

Russia was found to behind the attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, when their door handle was sprayed with Novichok.

Dawn Sturgess tragically died after coming into contact with the container days later on.

Today Mrs May revealed the UK would share intelligence and expertise to "set up a new unit in Poland that directly counters Russian disinformation, and ensures quick attribution of hostile activity against state or commercial targets."

The Polish PM reiterated the "threat from our eastern neighbours" still exists, and called on the Nato alliance to remain strong in the face of them.

He said it was "not the darkest hour" but believes that "Theresa May can navigate through the storm".

And he praised her for fighting hard to get the best deal for the UK.

The Polish PM has long been an ally of Mrs May in her EU talks.

But Mr Morawiecki said that getting the deal through the Commons depended on "EU leaders' attitude towards the UK".

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